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Sunday, March 25, 2007

[Drive of Life] Filming in Beijing

Important: Do not repost in Asianfanatics news forum. If you reposted the pictures in other sites, please clearly credit them to their respective owner and site. Note that there are plot spoilers below.

Group filming at car factory

Clip credit to

In the clip above, the Wah family gathers and applause at the successful launch of their car. Ron is driving the car above, but he doesn't appear in the clips or pictures.

Pictures credit to

Below is the scene where Raymond is troubled by the problems in the car factory, while Charmaine comforts him. have disallowed repost, so I'm just posting 2-3 for sample. To view all the pics, visit this Link.

Charmaine meeting Ng Wai Kwok and Rocky Cheng at a construction site for business negotiation. Again, repost are not allowed so kindly visit at this Link for full galery.

Newest filming update: March 23 -24, 2007:

Clip 1
Spoilers: Myolie wedding with Feng Shao Feng

Clip 2

Clips credit to 子言 from

The above clips is taken during the wedding scene of Myolie and Feng Shao Feng. Pictures and clip fully credit to 子言 from

Hehe... Ellesmere is the cameraman for the day, Charmaine was later seen playing around with his camera.

Lee Kwok Lun will be acting as Myolie's father in this series. Myolie is getting married, so she invited her father to Beijing. They bumped into Ray and Charmaine, Myolie greet them but her father was unhappy (obviously, since Ray and Myolie did get engaged at one point earlier). Again, pictures and clip fully credit to 子言 from

Brrr... it's still quite cold in Beijing...

The below pics are about Myolie reuniting with her father. Her father later have a 'chat' with Feng Shao Feng, and he's not too happy his daughter is going to marry in Beijing. Pictures credit to Kooki from Kuangai TVB BBS.

Charmaine already returned to HK yesterday. I hear Myolie also finished her scenes and returned too. Maybe they will stay in HK for a while till filming progress to Ningbo.

Oh yeah, while I still remember - someone have requested me to re-upload Strike at Heart themesong by Nnadia Chan. I got it here, but it's not the full version though.

Also, Guest requested for Wind & Cloud 2 ending theme, since I've already uploaded it, might as well share with anyone who's interested: Download

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Jocelyn said...

OMG SehSeh. Thank you so much for the clips. I'm dying to see DOL. Charmaine planted 17 kisses on Ray!!

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