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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

[Drive of Life] Filming in Beijing Part 2

The filming continues in Beijing! I'm sorry to inform you that the pics below doesn't allow repost. I'm just posting a few here for sample and you will have to visit for the full gallery. The fans drove miles just to visit Charmaine during filming (few days in a row, mind you and they don't live in Beijing!) so try to understand that they have the right to maintain exclusivity to Registering at the forum is basically hassle free, so why not join the forum?

Note: Please do not repost the pics. You co-operation is much appreciated. Spoilers alert below!

Newly added March 31st! Clearer clip

Download the clip here.
Clip credit to 宠爱桐妍 from

Clip 1. Charmaine and Raymond filming kissing scene

Clip credit to 子言 &
Download the clip

Clip 2. Charmaine waiting to film next scene

Clip credit to 子言 &
Download the clip

The scene above speak of Sau Fung (Charmaine) misunderstood Pong (Ray) and Bing Yee's (Myolie) relationship and angrily walks off. Pong chases Fung and they argued on the street. Afterward, Pong proposes to Fung but she rejected him so he kissed her non-stop. The timeline should be before Fung ditches Pong at the altar.

Fung: You want me to marry you? Crazy!
Pong: I'm crazy because of you. (Says something but cannot hear clearly)
Fung: Then you think you can do things forcefully?
Pong: (kissing) Marry me!
Fung: Hey!
Pong: (kissing again) Please marry me!
Fung: Hey! (dodging) This is a street!
Pong: I don't care. If you don't agree, I will kiss you until the next morning.

The next scene is where Charmaine and Raymond filmed some dating scene and a proposal scene. Judging from the hairstyles, the dating scene should be pre-break up (before Fung jilted Pong at the altar). The timeline of the proposal scene should be way afterward (after Pong broke off his engagement with Bing Yee and rekindle his romance with Fung).

Clip 3. Charmaine and Raymonf filming bicycle scene

Clip credit to 子言 &
Download the clip

Bicycle scenes:

Flying kite scenes:

Fung: Look at those kites, so beautiful.
Pong: You like them?
Fung: You have money?
Pong: As long as you like it, I will even pluck the stars from the sky for you...
Afterward, Pong got of the bicycle and exchange it for a kite.

Sehseh: Hehe... Pong romantic lines are quite 'yuk mah' (corny). I can almost imagine the cheesy 'Tian Mi Mi' tune playing in the background of their bicycle scene :P

Proposal scenes:

The scene above is about Pong shielding Fung from an incoming bicycle and proposed to her.

***Please be reminded that no repost allowed, so kindly go to this Link if you want to view all pictures.

Latest update! Charmaine and Raymond filming at a memorial hall. In the scenes below, Fung collected her mother's ashes from the memorial hall. As she leaves, Pong chased behind her shouting her name but she refused to look back and got up on the cab.

Full gallery at this Link.

SPOILERS: They were supposed to film Fung's miscarriage scene following above, but Ray accidentally sprained his ankle while filming the chasing scene and they have to postpone filming. I hope Ray's injury is not too serious...

Note: All clips and pictures above credit to 子言 from

Updated March 29!
Filming pictures credit to

More pictures credit to Raymond Forest:

Myolie and Feng Shao Feng filming pics credit to It's the same scene where Bing Yee's father meet Zhen Man (FSF) in Beijing. I've posted other pics of this in my previous update.

Speaking of Feng Shao Feng, Triumph2004 posted some really hot pictures of him in Spcnet. Though not related to Drive, but I want to share these pics with his fans (or soon to be!)

Extra: Mag scans credit to Raymond Forest:

Translation coming up...

Note: I have also updated Feng Shao Feng and Jessica Hsuan's character synopsis in [Drive]. You can read them here.

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