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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Next Magazine TV Awards 2007 results

Picture above credit to Mrs. Luk from Jessica's forum

Top 10 TV Artist

1. Charmaine Sheh

Congrats Charmaine! You deserved to win the top spot!

About the picture... hmm how do I say it? That dress is not flattering on Charmaine, and definitely doesn't have that va-va-voom edge for the top spot winner. A hot red number and different pose will be perfect!

But then again, almost all the wardrobe for other winners s*cks... Scroll down to get what I mean.

Mag scans credit to Qeggegg from

2. Jessica Hsuan

I love Jessica's pics this year! She was absolutely glowing and fresh looking with short hair. However, I find the angle of the picture above unflattering to her ermm... 'bossom'.

3. Myolie Wu

Myolie's figure have improved after [TGWL], so showing off won't hurt. However, I find the dress unflattering to her bottom.

4. Kevin Cheng

Cool as always. Although it's a bit like Kenix's picture last year, where it focused more on the background rather than their facial features.

Last year, I was feeling a little indignant that Ray did not make it to the list, and I joked that perhaps Kevin will make it this year. And he did! Okay, Kevin nonetheless deserve a spot here, I'm just wondering why Ray keep being snubbed in this award? Someone mentioned that Ray is famous in everywhere but Hong Kong. How could this be? *scratches head

5. Louisa So

I'm happy that Louisa made it to the list. The picture is nice, I like the espionage feel.

6. Bosco Wong

I still remember Bosco tiny red swimming trunk last year! Hahaha, maybe I'm the weird one but I appreciate the 'short' twist in the picture above. I just love his smug expression!

7. Roger Kwok

Better than last year's pictures , but the saddle seem to drown him. The horse stole the limelight though!

8. Bernice Liu

Bernice owned a sexy body, and her last year's pictures made a lot of fanboys really, really happy. However, I find the pose above a bit awkward (or rather suggestive). I'm glad that Bernice returns to the list - she have a charismatic personality that advertisers love. In fact, I think she made more product endorsement than filming series.

9. Moses Chan

Wherever Bernice is, of course Moses have to be there! I'm a little surprised that Moses made it to the list (beating the likes of Ray, Linda, Tavia, Gigi etc) because he's been relatively low key all the while. Guess that audiences really like him - the next generation of 'housewife killer'!

10. Shirley Yeung

Shirley gained a popularity boost due to her villainess role in [Brink of Law]. To be frank, she did improved in her acting, but I won't say it's great acting though. Anyway, we have to applaud her for improving and also her perseverence - nowadays she's relegated to supporting role, but it's definitely less stressful and gave her space to improve.

Most Potential Newcomer

Sammi Leung

Yay! Sammi won! I wanted him to win, because I really like his personality. Already an experienced radio deejay, so being a TV show host won't be too difficult for him, but it takes a lot more to have comedic timing like he does.

Suki Tsui

This is really unexpected. I thought Kate Tsui or Linda Chung was going to win this category. Just that I'm not familiar with Suki, therefore I have no idea how she fares in her tv programme.

Top 10 TV Programme
1.Beautiful Cooking
2. Dicey Business
3. On the Road
4. 15/16
5. Le Femme Desperado
6. Maiden's Vow
7. To Grow with Love
8. Brink of Law
9. Under the Canopy of Love
10. Dance of Passion

Dicey Business won over LFD?! Wow, didn't predict this outcome. I thought LFD is going to ace in drama category. However, DB have a deadly combo; Bobby Au and Jessica, which is definitely high rating guarantee. Though TGWL did not receive positive review overseas, it seems that HK audience have a different opinion.

Sponsors Award

Titoni超凡魅力男藝人大獎: Moses Chan

Creative pose. The red background is suitable for the award's charismatic theme.

奇華餅家演技躍進大獎: Myolie Wu

What's with the granny lace ensemble? I would prefer it if she worn that peach colored laced up dress for this picture.

Philips星勢非凡大獎: Charmaine Sheh

I love Charmaine's pose and facial expression! The only glitch is that the dress appear to be a little heavy at the bottom. I personally feel that with this pose, they should find a dress that flatters her tiny 22 inch waist.

金至尊珠寶氣質女人大獎: Jessica Hsuan

Jessica is really suitable wearing white. I like the red butterfly tattoo on her arm. Of course, this is a jewellery award, that should explain the pose enough.

Hekura最具自信新晉女藝人大獎: Fala Chan

I like Fala's short dress, it shows of her energetic personality. Though Fala often make headlines with the wrong reason, she is pretty looking and worth noticing. Guess I'll pay attention to her performance in [Heart of Greed].

Why時尚風格大獎: Tavia Yeung

Tavia have been making headlines since her figure improved. I always thought Tavia's acting as the better one among her peers, but she's often underrated and relegated to supporting role. It may due to her lack of IT factor, in comparison with Myolie, Linda etc.

Moissanite閃爍魅力大獎: Sonija Kwok

I expected Sonija to win, because she is the spokesperson of this company! She looks elegant in the picture above.

御藥堂不老的傳說大獎: Michelle Yim

Michelle is definitely the perfect person to win this award! After all, she is famous for her youthfulness. Can someone inform me of her age?

瑞士Suisse Reborn活膚再生美肌藝人大獎: Louisa So

I've never paid attention to Louisa's skin, hehe...

Happy Shop最具活力藝人大獎: Bernice Liu

I think Bosco won a similar category last year. Yes, Bernice does have a lively and energetic personality. However, I really dislike the hairstyle above. It obstructs her facial features.

Men's Skin Centres By Bella入型入格藝人大獎: Kenneth Ma

Again, Kenneth is the spokesperson for this skincare company. If you pay attention to his recent series, you will notice that his complexion did improved, the scars are less visible now.

mYoga動靜相融女藝人大獎: Linda Chung

I originally thought Linda will make it to Top 10 because she have a high profile in the headlines since last year. Though she did not get listed, winning this sponsor award is not bad. She looks kinda pure and cute in the picture above.

Special: Newcomer Artiste

Gentlemen, from left: Matthew Ko, Lai Lok Yi, Stephen Wong
Ladies, from left: Selena Li, Kate Tsui, Suki Tsui, Lulu Ng, Fala Chen

Among the list above, Lulu Ng is the only ATV actress that made it. I rarely watch ATV, should I have no idea who she was. I like Suki's dress, it made her look elegant. Fala have the most eye catching pose. They seem to be getting ready for a glamorous event in the picture above, which kind of translate them entering the glitzy world of showbiz.

Reviewing all the pictures above, I can't help but feel that this year's picturial lacked creativity and most importantly: Personality. The pictures could barely evoke anything from me, unlike previous years where some have genuinely shocked and impressed us.

My favorite year is the Hollywood poster theme. They were quite creative and a great fun to the winners too. I also notice that they did not took a group picture this year, which was quite disappointing. Year 2004 was my favorite group picture, it's elegant with a touch of creativity:

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Special thanks to Kitson for the results. Also, a huge thanks to Kiwi for providing the clear pics above!

Lookout for the pictures of the award presentation tomorrow!

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