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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Rumor: Japan NHK to remake War & Beauty?

Just read the news that NHK want to remake a Japanese version of War & Beauty. The new title: 《中国皇帝的女人们》or directly translated as 'Women of China Emperor'. Aiks... even the new title is ridiculous. :P

Imagine me laughing myself silly when I saw the photoshop images of the Japanese actresses:

Nanako Matsushima as Yu Fei (Sheren Tang)

Rena Tanaka as Yee Shun (Charmaine Sheh)

Ai Kato as Onn Sin (Maggie Cheung)

I couldn't find the jap version of Yuk Ying. Do inform me if you found any updates.

Anyway, I think this will remain a rumor for one simple reason:

TVB have their eyes on Mainland China market and due to WAB being well received (it broke Korean drama Jewel in the Palace ratings record and have audiences exceeding 2 billion), therefore it's very unlikely for TVB to sell the rights to NHK and risk offending Mainland China. I'm sure that for those who took history classes, you knew about japanese occupation during the WW2.

Article here. Pictures credit to Sohu.

On a side note, similar costume series highlighting inner palace struggle do well in their respective countries. For example, Ooku in Japan (which I'm currently watching, not bad) and Woman's World in South Korea. What I'm more interested is MBC's reaction when they found out that TVB production beat their mega bucks JIP (even though WAB was grand production, it's nothing compared to JIP budget). Funny, how JIP fares much better than WAB in HK while it's the opposite in Mainland China.

Left: Ooku. Right: Woman's World

I notice that people tend to say WAB copied the japan version, korean version etc. Well, let me ask this question: Which imperial dynasty doesn't have it's own harem? There are bound to be similiarities and let me tell you, the stories I've read were more horrifying and lurid. eg. "Tales of Empresses and Imperial Consorts in China" compiled by Shang Xizhi, translated and edited by Ling Lingxing, 1996.

Some definitely more heartless and vicious than all the 4 WAB characters combined.

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