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Thursday, March 23, 2006


I saw the game at Black Eyed Susan's site but I didn't give it much thought until Kidd persuade me to submit my photo.

I has a good laugh when I saw the results: (Warning: Nightmare inducing!)

Image Hosted by
Sammi Cheng 73% - Gawd, no! Of all the people, why HER?!

Image Hosted by
Oprah Winfrey 73% - My goodness... wished I was as rich though...

Image Hosted by
Kim Hee-sun 72% - How I wish this was true :P

Image Hosted by
Kristin Kreuk 71% - Superman, where are you?! Save me, help!~

WAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay, I can see the resemblance in the smile but the rest... (ahemm).

So, what's your results? Try the game here.


endlessjoy said...

I tried it, and I really don't like the results. sehseh, your's are way better, don't you dare complain.

sehseh said...

really? come on, tell me what's your result....

Share the fun! kekekekeke

endlessjoy said...

Okay...laugh as much as you want...

The ones with high percentages are guys, OLD guys, so I rather not post those up, but you guys can imagine. Here are the female ones (some of them are okay, but...):
Aretha Franklin: 53%
Rani Mukherjee: 52%
Kehira Knightley: 50%
Julia Roberts: 49%

Jayne said...

Hehe I tried it as well and angry at the results. :P~~ My photo matches were mostly old middle age women with chubby cheeks. :p The one I agree with the most is Mariah Carey because of the full cheeks and face shape (50% match).

So from now on, I will be known as the Chinese Mariah Carey. :)

Sehseh, your returned matches are quite glamourous! :)

Kidd said...

The results depend on a lot of factors other than facial features. It depends on size of the picture uploaded, what part the program use for comparison, the pose u made on the picture, whether u are wearing glasses or not, your facial expression etc.

I tried it again using the latest pictures I captured using webcam. Not as sharp as digicam, but still can lah. I upload 10 pics, but no more Bae Yong-jun :(. Not even 1 result!

Summary of result:

Celeb that came up the most:

Lee Young-ae - 7 times
Maggie Cheung - 4 times
Gong Li - 4 times
Ha Ji-won - 4 times

Came u 3 time are Hikaru Utada, Erykah Badu, Michelle Yeoh, Ayumi Hamasaki, Anita Mui, Song Hye-kyo, Stephen Chow (hahahaha!! :D)

Highest percentage ever got:

Gong Li - 68%
Maggie Cheung - 67%

Leslie Cheung did come up 2 times though. So, at least got some result that is same.

Other funny result: George W. Bush, John Woo, Rupert Grint. :D

sehseh said...

haha... the results are fun! hmm... resembling Sammi Cheng is not tahta bad after all.

You know what, i shared this joke with my sis the other day and she looked at me and said: "You know what, my colleagues told me that you resemble Sammi Cheng."

Urgh... my stomach turned. My only consolation that the pics that showed up was before she got really skeletal.

Kidd, no more Yongsama?! Aww... and i planned to call you that in private! kekeke

Jayne, Chinese Mariah Carey? Wow, looks good (exotic look, huh?)

If my friend Amanda LYK played this, I'll bet 100bucks that she'll be at least 80% and above match Ada Choi.

Kidd said...

Kidd, no more Yongsama?! Aww... and i planned to call you that in private! kekeke

Ya, I was disappointed that not even once Yongsama came up. But u can still can me Yongsama if u want. :D

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