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Friday, March 03, 2006

Korean Remake: A Better Tomorrow

Jang Dong-gun, Rain and Louis Koo to star in "A Better Tomorrow" remake.

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HONG KONG, Feb 28 (AP) -- South Korean stars Rain and Jang Dong-gun will star in a Korean-language remake of John Woo's Hong Kong gangster classic "A Better Tomorrow," a news report said Tuesday.

Best known for Chow Yun-fat's trench-coat wearing, gun-toting mobster character, Woo's 1986 movie is a story about honor and brotherly love as it tracks the downfall of a gangster whose younger brother is a police officer.

In the original movie, Ti Lung played the gangster, late Chinese pop star Leslie Cheung played his brother, and Chow Yun-fat played the mobster's loyal lieutenant Mark -- one of modern Hong Kong cinema's most famous characters.

In the remake, Jang will take on Ti Lung's role, Rain will assume Cheung's place and Hong Kong actor Louis Koo will replace Chow, Hong Kong's Apple Daily newspaper reported.

It said the 100 million Hong Kong dollar (US$13 million; €11 million) production is a collaboration between Hong Kong's Mei Ah Entertainment Group and an unidentified Korean company.

The movie will shoot on set in Seoul and on location in Hong Kong and mainland China, with a target start date of July to August, according to Apple Daily.

At the helm will be director Chung Yoon-chul, who made "Marathon," a film about the relationship between a mother and her autistic child, Apple Daily reported.

Mei Ah didn't immediately return a reporter's call seeking comment.

Rain is one of South Korea's rising pop stars. Jang is known for movies like the box office hit "Taegukgi," set against the inter-Korea conflict, and Chinese director Chen Kaige's recent mythology epic "The Promise."

Koo was most recently seen in another gangster flick, Johnnie To's "Election".

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Woohoo, it's like a movie fan dream come true! But for somehow I don't feel overly optimistic, perhaps I can't imagine the new cast (as hot looking as they are!) as the original roles. JDG = Ti Lung? (well...) Rain = Leslie? (err...) Louis = Fatt Gor?!!! (lol...)

But having three of them; JDG, Rain & Louis Koo on-screen at the same time... delicious!

Okay... just read more updated news that this was just a rumor. JDG management has denied this news. Oh well...


Kidd said...

This is good news. I don't know anything about Rain (haven't watch Full House), but JDG and Louis is anough for me to look forward to this movie.

So, is JDG going to learn to speak Cantonese now?

sehseh said...

Hahaha.. sadly, this is just another rumor. Sigh~

But guess it shouldn't be a problem to him. That man is dedicated!

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