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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Charmaine's new hairstyle

Scans credit to Bebe from

My eyes almost bulged out when I saw the pics of Charmaine's fourth image in new series Phoenix Quartet. OMG! I'm tickled silly with her 'wild' look. In her fourth story, she will portray a beer promoter who has a one night stand with Joe Ma. I'd also read news that this storyline is a bit unusual - because four characters in here have homosexual relationships! Sherming - Charmaine - Joe - Sammul.

Charmaine says: "Vote for me in TVB Popularity Award!"

Charmaine's method of pulling vote:
Having dinner and taking pictures!

Most Popular Character Award: Mandy Chow in Yummy Yummy
Most Popular Couple Award: LWOLAP with partner Raymond Lam

"HK citizens like to eat and drink, and in 'Yummy Yummy', there's food everywhere! How about if you give me a vote, we'll go out to eat and take some pictures for memories."

Caption: Charmaine reminded us to make sure you see her name clearly when casting your vote, don't choose the wrong name! (Haha, so cheeky!)

p.s. I have posted new screencaps from DOP sneak preview clip. Just scroll down to my post titled "Updates".

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becky said...

i agree i think my favourite on screen couple is lwolap with raymond and charmaine <3 love them together ^_^

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