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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Siu Sang & Fa Dan

Updated Aug 1st, 2006
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Just want to discuss this topic as there is so much neverending debate on the term of 'fadan'.

As some may know, the term of "Siu Sang" and "Fadan" came from chinese opera, in which they meant young male lead and young female lead respectively. In western equivalent, they would be like the baritone and soprano.

More explanation on chinese opera Fa Dan and Siu Sang:

Therefore, Siu Sang and Fa Dan were general terms used to describe all the leading actor/actress in TVB. Sometimes, the more established actor/actress are called as Ah Gor (big brother) and Ah Jie (big sister). TVB most famost Ah Gor is of course Gallen Loh. After Gallen left, Roger Kwok took the spot of TVB 'Yat Gor'.

However, take note that TVB have 3 general categories for it's actors and actresses. For example, Gigi and Charmaine are "1st line" actresses, where they are normally the leading actress in their series. Artistes like Joe, Tavia and Leila hovers between the 1st and 2nd line, and there is also cases like of being demoted to 2nd line like Marco Ng and Joyce Tang. Or more recently, Shirley Yeung who has been demoted to supporting roles while relatively newbies Linda Chung and Kate Tsui who received meatier roles.

Among the 6 promoted Olympics artistes (Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng and Lai Lok Yi), only four made it to the top as 1st line siu sang. They are: Raymond, Kevin, Ron and Bosco. On the other hand, Sammul has seeked greener pastures in Mainland China while Lai Lok Yi still remains as TVB 2nd line siu sang. Ironically, TVB is still facing a major shortage of siu sang when they have so many under-utilized actors.

Most argument came from who is the top fadan, or more accurately "当家花旦" - Dong Ka Fa Dan. Dong Ka, as it's name implies, mean head or leader. The fadans in this group not only have guaranteed leading roles, they also can carry the series on their own by being the main/central character. Ada Choi and Jessica are definitely the dong ka fa dan of TVB. In 2000, TVB announced Esther Kwan, Maggie Cheung, Marianne Chan, Ada Choi, Kenix Kwok, Flora Chan, and Jessica Hsuan as their top fadan. However, Esther, Marianne and Flora has left TVB so I guess that's why people keep debating who is the new top fadans.

So, who do you think is the new top fadan and siu sang?

p.s. Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan are still TVB 'Yat Gor' and 'Yat Jie'.


Helen said...

I am not biased - but I do think Charmaine can take up one of the vacant Top Fa Dan spots. Just look at the no. of drama series she is in and most of the time (90%) she is the lead in it. I think she is after Jessica, Ada, Maggie and Kenix but definitely before Sonjia Kwok.
I would like to know what you guys think about Gigi Lai and Tang Shui man (not sure her English name). Personally I don't think Gigi Lai deserves a spot as top actress, but it seems she is rising at a very rapid rate. And for Tang - her acting is good and she has the flair - but she is a bit old as "top actress". What do you guys think? should age be a criteria in coinging the term "top fa dan"?

sehseh said...

Which Charmaine fans doesn't think she should belong to the new top fadan? Of course she should be in there.

One good way to see the actor/actress ranking is to see their standing spot during TVB official events - definitely TVB Anniversary.

Only the top actress and actor will stand in first line, and the most middle means more privelege. Last year, Jessica and Charmaine stood in the middle. Gigi stood next to Jessica. Charmaine is definitely one of the dong ka fa dan, with or without so-called public announcement by TVB. I don't think we really need to draw out the intestines here...

My new list of top tvb fadan:

1. Jessica
2. Ada
3. Kenix
4. Maggie
5. Charmaine

Yes, Gigi is getting more popular again but she will need some time before securing the top spot. She has just signed contract with TVB last year, so her future depends in her series ratings, especially this year - Beneath the Charm (previously titled Rouge & Powder).

Tang Shui Man english name is Sheren. She is a great actress, but before WAB, her acting was inconsistent, sometimes very good, sometimes terrible. My assumption was her role in WAB suits her real persona.

And yes, age is a factor. Well, except for Liza Wang. There is no way she is not the leading character in her series.

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