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Friday, July 01, 2005

Jusco Member Sales

Yesterday was Jusco sales preview - that means special sales for their card members only. With up to 70% discount, no wonder the mall have been packed with shoppers since early morning. Heck, even one of my colleague's wife purposely took a day off from work just to shop for bargains.

It took me nearly 4 hours to finish shopping - mostly spending my time queuing up at the cashier. By the time I bid goodbye to my cash and step out from the mall, it was already 10.15pm.

My bargain? The Great White Tower (白い巨塔 or Shiroi Kyoto in japanese) original drama set for 50% off. Took me nearly an hour digging through a mountain of vcd boxset just to look for Part 1. You see, they sell this drama is two set - Part 1 & 2. I've found plenty for Part 2, but Part 1 is nowhere in sight. When I finally found Part 1, I used my "kam na sau" (grabbing hand in cantonese) in lightning speed. Not that anyone is fighting with me over it. The others were more preoccupied at more recent jdrama and kdrama titles. Imagine me digging through the mountains and mountains of heavy vcd boxset with one hand and holding heavy shopping bags filled with toiletries on another hand. Not a pretty sight...

Talking about The Great White Tower, Taiwan is going to film a remake version with Jerry Yan as Goro Zaizen, which is my favourite character in the series. At first Alex Su was offered the role of Dr. Zaizen, but he later declined the role. Rumor was that Alex doesn't want to play a 'villian' role as it might not go well with his goody image. Jerry might have Zaizen's unpredictable, arrogant look, but I'm not sure if Jerry can carry this multi dimensioned role. I have to admit, Goro Zaizen is one of the most charismatic and intriguing tv character I ever watched - and darn he look hot!

Image Hosted by
Toshiaki Karasawa as Goro Zaizen and Yosuke Eguchi as Shuji Satomi

For synopsis and info on this series, go to:


sehseh said...

by the way, i missed last night episode of Oh! Feel Young

Can anyone tell me what happened last night?

Sigh~ I'm getting really sick of Chae Rim's character. How dumb, ignorant, selfish and irritating can this girl get? No offense, I'm talking abt the character here, not Chae Rim herself.

And someone should slap Pil Seung in the face for disappointing his grandmother and 'teacher' over and over again.

daybee said...

sehseh, congrats on grabbing The Great White Tower.

Oh, and Alec Su declined the remake because he couldn't fit it into his schedule and he did want to play the villian. He ended up filming My Bratty Princess with Jang Nara.

sehseh said...

thanks, the 'grabbing' part are no small feat :P

Yeah, I know he was filming that new series with Jang Nara. The costumes are quite colorful and sexy. But I think Alex should try to film more modern series. He have too much costume series, in my opinion.

daybee said...

sehseh, Alec's most recent modern series is Magicians with Ruby Lin and Kangta which doesn't look as appealing. Definitely looking forward to something better. I guess it's lucky he looks good ancient though. Have you see Pan An Jing Qi? I loved that one.

sehseh said...

Pan An Jing Qi? What series is that? I'm pretty outdated in taiwanese series

daybee said...

If you happen to see PAJQ, be sure to grab it! It's very, very well scripted - romantic comedy, yet can be serious. It's got Sung Dan Dan (who is a Tawainese comedian), Alec Su, Wang Yan (who plays Qing Er in Huan Zhu Ge Ge)... a very solid cast.

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