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Thursday, July 07, 2005

IQ test

It's quiz time again! Below are some "PHD" premium tests (in simple words, tested and certified) to try:

Want to know your IQ level?

High IQ doesn't mean a thing without EQ - Emotional Intelligence.

Measure your IQ level here:

Go to this informative site to learn more about IQ and EQ:

By the way, I would like to announce that my blog hits has just reached 21378 (as I'm typing), which made me really, really happy as I just put the hit counter since April 11, 2005. Not a big number, but still I'm happy because you are reading my blog. So, a big THANK YOU to you all, regardless of first time visitor or regular readers, thank you very much for supporting my blog :)


Anonymous said...

hey, no need to thank us... we should thank you for always posting up your interesting critiques, poignant opinions, and fantastic charm news! hope you'll have more faithful "readers". =)

Anonymous said...

Thank you hundred times. We love you all for your kindness.

Anonymous said...

We know you tried really hard to post the news. We are appreciated for your hard work.

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