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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I threw your toothbrush down the toilet

Brief recap of last night's episode.

JE found the ring YJ threw away and proclaimed it as hers. YJ was furious because it was THE ring he wanted to give to HW, and seeing it remind him of his unfulfilled love for HW. JE refused to give up the ring and bite YJ's hand so he threw her out of the house.

Nowhere to go, JE goes to her friend's shack and proposed that three of them should find a real job so that she could save up money to buy Full House back from YJ. She angrily told the reporter on the phone that they (YJ & JE) has now gone their separate ways.

Back at Full House, YJ start cleaning the house, but it seems that he actually enjoy doing household chores. I'm starting to get the impression that YJ is a clean freak. I mean, who will clean that huge place EVERYDAY?! Anyway, he threw JE toothbrush in the trash bin because he is still mad at her. AND he trashed the bicycle he gave JE!

YJ feel uneasy for avoiding HW and went to her shop. HW told YJ that as selfish as it might sound, she will always be the most precious and loved person in his life. HW asked YJ whether he liked JE more or herself more. YJ assured HW she will always be number one. HW: "Silly, you should said you like JE more!"

Meanwhile, YJ family was displeased because it's already two week since their wedding but JE has yet to visit her in-laws to pay respect. YJ manager is giving him a hard time because there is rumor of him separating with JE. She then called JE and asked her prepare some lunch box for her tomorrow.

YJ began to regret his rash action. He retrieved JE toothbrush back from the trash bin and placed it back near the sink. EWWWWWW... YJ, don't you think you should at least disinfect it first instead of just washing it with water?! He also noticed that JE birthday is coming soon.

The next day, during the photoshoot, HW asked him abt his rumour of marriage breakdown. YJ denied it but looked troubled. In fact, he is in a bad mood. HW then asked him out for a dinner date. Home wrecker...

JE arrived with the sushi she made in tow and realized that YJ manager want them to appear lovey dovey to dispel the separation rumor. When the cameraman asked JE to feed YJ, JE took a sushi and lovingly feed YJ - in a very questionable, rough method. YJ has his sweet revenge by doing the same. This scene is very hilarious, it tickles my funny bone to see YJ giving a peck on JE cheek - with "I'm gonna kill you" look in both of their eyes.

Now that they have 'kiss and make up', YJ picked JE in his car and forgot about the dinner with HW. JE was sad because YJ manager criticized her novel and refused to speak to YJ.

The next morning, while brushing their teeth, YJ tried to cheer JE up by making a joke - which he absolutely has no talent in. "HJE, you know, I threw your toothbrush down the toilet yesterday". Angry glare from JE. "Wahahaha! Gotcha! I lied! I actually retrieved it back from the trash bin!" YJ was laughing but JE just replied: "Stupid, who will believe you?"

YJ asked JE why she didn't prepare seaweed soup that morning. JE was angry because she thought YJ was a picky eater. Actually, it was JE birthday and normally they will drink a special seaweed soup on that day. JE told YJ that she was going to Magic World (themepark) with her 2 friends to celebrate her birthday.

YJ: Huh? You three? What about me?
JE: What? You can't go there (you'll be recognized)
YJ: Who said I want to go? So childish! I'm busy today, my schedules are full!

YJ pretends to be busy and spend his day sitting in the office, hanging out at the spa restlessly. Finally, he made up his mind and decided to look for JE at Magic World. He also bought her a recorder to help her with her novel writing. Very funny to see YJ passing his time like a fool hehe...

JE cancelled her date with friends as she received a call from MH. MH critisized JE works but still offered her a contract because he think she has potential ( a writer or his girlfriend?). Feeling overjoyed, JE agreed to treat MH dinner.

On the other hand, YJ tried hard to hide his identity at Magic World. Unfortunately, he was discovered by a horde of fans. He attempted to escape, only to be trapped in the public washroom...

A little sneak preview of tonight's episode...
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Emily said...

You are getting addicted. This show is so funny

alice said...

i agree with Emily....seh seh is getting addicted to it now hahaha....i love the feeding part too!!! they r SO hilarious!!

alice said...

oooooo tonight's episode huh?? veru cute and romantic!!!! **FAINT**

sehseh said...

Yes, I'm addicted. It will take herculean strength to peel me off my seat from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. I even skipped dinner (or delay)! I'm getting crazy~

Aww...the scene at the skating rink and the playground is so romantic, it make my heart melt~ Apart from the fact that they never slept together, they look and act like a regular young couple.

And the 3 Bear song was fantastic! Muahahahahahaha (imitating Rain making fun of SHG afterwards)

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