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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Full House

Han Ji-eun (Jessie Han) - Song Hae Gyo
Lee Young-jae (Justin Lee) - Rain (Bi)
Kang Hye-won (Lorraine) - Han Eun- jung
Yu Min-heok (Luigi) - Kim Sung Soo

The much hyped Full House premiered on 8tv last night. I'm curious why many people, including my dear friend Amanda liked this series so much. My sis told me it was originated from a comic book and went on and on complaining about how unfaithful this series was. Honestly, she ain't the fan of the original story anyway so why the non-stop nagging? Irritates me to no end.

Back to the series. Episode 1 kicks off quite okay. SHG was just like any other generic female lead in Korean tv series nowaday. I'm not commenting on her acting, but her character type was, erm... mandatory in every series. I have always liked SHG look, because she looks healthy, and not stick thin. Bi was cute, but he should cover up once in a while. I had too much of him baring his chest 1/2 of the screentime. But I admit, he have a cute perky butt. Ahemm..cough* cough*

If I had friends who did what they did to SHG, they will never live to see the next sunrise. To con me out of my property is one thing, but sending a clueless (and penniless) girl in a foreign country? I don't think I can forgive them. EVER. Anyway, guess we have to overlook that factor for now since the two lead met each other this way. Just that I wish the storyline won't be that predictable. Sigh~


alice said...

wow seh seh!!! u dun sound like u like this serie!!! but i was addicted to it!!! Bi and SHK ar sooo cute in here esp BI's smile!!! ***FAINT***.....

sehseh said...

I've just watched 2 episodes, so it's hard to decide whether i like it or not yet.

Yeah, Bi is cute, but in little brother sort of way :P

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