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Friday, July 08, 2005

Exclusive LWOLAP pics

I found tons of LWOLAP pics from Sharon Chan's official site, but since it belongs ONLY to, please do not re-post the picture without prior permission from the webmaster. I'm just putting one or two here for sample only. For more pics (there are some 30 plus pics), please visit Forever Sharon. For those who doesn't understand chinese, go Image, then Exclusive, and click on the fourth link (with chinese word of Fuk Yu Fan Wan).

Image Hosted by

Also, found a fabulous pic of the ladies in Rouge & Powder / Beneath the Charm

Image Hosted by

Note: All pictures belong to Forever Sharon

Newly added!! John Chiang pics during filming and also the studio in Mainland China. Looks much better than TVB costume studio. Credit/exclusive from

Image Hosted by


Elizabeth said...

Everyone's head looks a bit strange except for Anne. I wonder if Charmaine has ever had hair like that with a qi pao?

sehseh said...

yes, she has a similar hairstyle in the end of Point of No Return with Julian Cheung, Damian Lau, Angie Chiu.

because it's around the same era late 1910 to 1920's

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