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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Charmaine is the second most important woman in my life

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Benny said that he will co-star with Charmaine in his next series. The reporters asked regarding the rumor of marriage, Benny said that they haven't gave much consideration about hitching yet. Not wanting to divulge too much, Benny tried to brush aside the topic. However, he does admit that besides his mother, Charmaine is the second most important woman in his life.
Updated! There is rumor of Benny and Michael Miu teaming up on a new cop series. Could this be the one he's talking about?

p.s. LWOLAP and Yummy Yummy might be postponed until 30th August 2005. Argh!


Funn Lim said...

Postponed, AGIAN? What? This is like our Malaysian National Day series is it? Why postpone? Is this series THAT bad?

Anyway why are some fans of Charmaine still deny that Benny and Charmaine are dating to the point of even thinking abt marriage? Why am I like have this feeling that Benny is eager but Charmaine is not so eager? Can someone taller, more handsome and less so publicity hungry woo charmaine, please?

I used to like Benny a lot. But like you said sehseh, I am beginning to feel this man is flaunting the relationship too much for publicity sake. Is this the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes thing or it is really genuine?

sehseh said...
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sehseh said...

My sentiments exactly, Funn. I won't mind whoever Charmaine dates, but with the over publicity of their relationship, well it irritates me to no end. Benny, we get it. You like Charmaine a lot. No need to use it to promote yourself, ok?

As for Charmaine, I think they are seeing each other but somehow from the interviews I sense that she is pulling back a bit from getting too attached to Benny.

Yummy Yummy will be aired in HK according to schedule. However, overseas released might be delayed to end of August. If we are lucky, we can rent them as soon as it was aired. If not, we might be waiting aong for release in Mainland China.

Therefore, there is a 50-50 chance of us Malaysian still being able to watch it early.

sehseh said...

Just heard something from other discussion forum.

Rumor is that if TVB plan to postpone it's airing date in HK, most probably they want to wait until summer holiday is over to ensure steady ratings. ]

August - October is a critical time (rating sweep period) after all.

I'm okay with the delay IF only TVB could give us a exact release date. It's certainly mood dampening to know the date got postponed over and over again.

Plus, I miss Charmaine and Raymond faces on-screen!

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