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Thursday, June 30, 2005

USB Flash Drive

Help! I need some advise. I'm planning to buy a USB Flash Drive or Pen Drive (they have many names), but I have no idea which brand is more reliable. Any good advise anyone? It's about time I wean off those old (but trusty) floppy disk.

There are enough brands that can make me dizzy trying to remember their name alone... I know there is this Pendrive, Kingston, Apacer, Pretec, Sony, Samsung etc etc.

I'm wondering should I get a normal flash drive or the ones with mp3 function. Is there really any difference in function/performance?
Sigh~ And then I need to figure out which dvd player is best because I need one soon too...


Anonymous said...


well, my colleagues have been getting this brand called Imation and it's been working very well. It's value for money which you can consider. Sony sld be good but it's pricey.

As for MP3 player + flash drive, it's up to you but I wun get it as it's not good to mix the files up unless u are very careful. Those files that you use frequently may be infected by virus and may corrupt your whole player. So I recommend to get them seperately.

Is the flash disk for office use? Ensure that your company allows this to be used. My company doesn't as it's a lot of confidential info we are talking abt. Don't get in trouble.

Shop around. You can sure find something.

DVD player wise, many brands to choose from, it's pretty cheap to buy one now. More reliable brands would by Sony, Sharp, Panasonic and Toshiba. I am currently using a Sharp VCR + DVD player built into one. Used it for more then a year and so far so good.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

i'm using one from pendrive and it works out pretty well... it's been like a year and a half, but so far so good. i'm pretty poor so i use the flash drve w/ the mp3s too, but i guess you could get a separate one.... and about the dvd thing, i'm using a panasonic one, it's reliable and cheap, plays a wide variety of stuff including mp3s, cds, vcds, dvds... whatever... but yeah, hope you'll find one that works out well... i think most of the advice shehster gave you seems pretty sound.


sehseh said...

Thanks, Shehster & Hang

I won't be using the flash drive at work anyway.

1. Anything downloaded over 10mb and I'll be hearing from the IT dept.

2. My work pc is so damn ancient,it doesn't have speaker connection, what more a usb port!

Think I would get a normal flash drive then. The price has gone down, think I can get a 512mb one for less than RM150.

Regarding the DVD player, maybe I'll choose Samsung or Pioneer. No LG though. Coz the quality is really terrible. Oh yeah, my friends advises me not to get Sony. Picky dvd reader :P

Anonymous said...

true true, no LG, it's really lousy stuff they have..

Pioneer and Panasonic's merged?? I thot they are merged, oh well.

Either one is reliable, just dun get the China brands.. u will die from using it becos it's just so pathetic!

Go shop around tomorrow since it's the weekend, sometimes brand doesn't really count, it's the first impression of the product. that's what happened to me.. first look and i bought it.


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