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Friday, June 17, 2005


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My allergy is killing me. Don't know what's the trigger this time, but I have been sneezing non-stop since this morning. Really put me in a bad mood!

Ahchooooooooooo~! sniff~

p.s. I'd better not look like rudolph the reindeer tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Allergy as in nose allergy? I have that too, you may need to change your bed sheets as it may be dust mites infested. U can try taking this medicine Zyrtec which is a antihistamine to stop the sneezing. Best for you to go do a check up if this is perpetually happening to you.


sehseh said...

Thanks, my colleague just recommend me to use rhinocort or something like that. I just don't feel like spraying some substance in my nose :P

By the way, I finally got tickets to the concert tomorrow. And it's right behind VIP seats! Wahahahaha! *evil maniac laugh*

Anonymous said...

it's a nasal spray? well, that may help. i had a nose scope done many years ago and was diagnosed with rhinitis. very very sensitive to dust and dust mites. so gotta change my bed sheets often and clean my room.

good luck to u. hope u get well soon.

Anonymous said...

OMG seh seh u r sooooo lucky!!
remember to take as much pics as possible ok....thanks in advance!!!

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