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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Urgent! Attn to Yen or anyone who can help

Yen, if you saw this post, please do reply to me or teng asap as we need to clarify something regarding Charmaine's injuries and also her trip this weekend (whether it would be cancelled)

I am also making an appeal to anyone who have Tina's email (she is Charmaine and Myolie's manager/agent) to email me Tina's email address as I haven't heard from Yen for nearly 1/2 years despite my sms-es and emails. My email:

We are very anxious regarding Charmaine's injuries and her trip this weekend. So far the Terimee side weren't so sure (or at least the person on the phone). So please, do inform me a.s.a.p.

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sehseh said...

Attn: Charmaine will be coming to Msia this weekend.

Information thanks to Yen and Poh Chin. And also Yen's friend who informed her of my post :)

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