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Monday, June 20, 2005

Updates! Pics & Clips

Updated some pics and clips. I didn't post all the pics as I have just send all the original sized ones to FL first.

Also, thanks to Mindee who uploaded the clips for me below. Please do not view the clip directly. Right click and choose "Save As" to download them. Thank you for your co-operation so that other people can watch them too.




Victoria said...

Seh Seh, hi...Victoria here. I've downloaded the clips or Kevin and Ron!!! Thanks soooo much...I really appreciate you hard work... XD

By the way, can I post this Ron clip up onto my Ron Site? Credits will be given as you've already 'watermarked' the clip. Hope to see ur reply soon at the tagboard or u can mail me at:

Thanks a lot!

sehseh said...

yes, you can re-upload to your server and post it, victoria

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