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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Template design contest!

Want to receive some Charmaine Sheh related goodies?

Winners will receive the newest Terimee brochures + memorabilia + photos
So...what's the contest about?

Just created a new template for my blog. You can choose any themes you want, but I'm looking for something original, creative and not too flashy.

Any terms and condition?

No, just make sure there is no plagiarism involved. Meaning no copycat templates. To know what plagiarism means, go to the link below:

Trust me, if you don't understand what plagiarism is, now is about time you do.


By 31st July 2005. I believe a month is sufficient, since my blog is rather 'small'.

If you have no idea about templates, go sign up and and experiment with some templates before creating one. Another good guide would be (thanks Funn).

Please email me the template (the codes) by end of July to

Should you have further questions, feel free to email me as well. Good luck!

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