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Friday, June 24, 2005

Oh! Feel Young

From left: Ahn Jae-uk, Chae Rim, Park Seon-yeong & Ryu Jin.

Anyone watching this series? 8tv aired 5 episodes and I'm hooked. The lead actor, Ahn Jae-uk is not very good looking but I like his humorous character. It is just me, or Ahn Jae-uk really have some resemblance with Alec Su You Peng?

As for Ryu Jin, he is a hot guy but I dislike his snobby character. Can someone give me some spoilers whether Pil Seung (Ahn Jae-uk) while fall for Yu-jeong or still head over heel for that idiotic Sun-yeong (Chae Rim) in the end?

Ahn Jae-uk as Oh Pil-seung
Chae Rim as Bong Sun-yeong
Ryu Jin as Yun Jae-ung
Park Seon-yeong as Noh Yu-jeong

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Anonymous said...

Phil Seung will still be heads over heel for Chae Rim till the end. It is a happy ending. I enjoyed watching this drama very much.

sehseh said...

Thanks. I still prefer the smart Yu-jeong :)

tze said...

phil seung didn't have any feelings for yu jeong, but due to the korean viewers' preference, they did insert a scene to please the viewers who were rooting for phil seung and yu jeong. but he still liked cr till the end. good show... great acting. =p

sehseh said...

thanks tze,

that's really too bad, i like yu jeong. Smart, calm yet full of compassion.

chae rim's character, urm, well was cute and adorable but i don't like her attitude. can't she see that she only LIKES ryu jin and not love?

ceejaye said...

i prefer Yoo Jung too! very loving
and smart. too bad phil seung didn't choose her.

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