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Thursday, June 16, 2005

I can buy bird nest on my own, thank you very much*

Yesterday, Charmaine was filming scenes for DFOGS, and in response to Chin Ga Lok joking about the Charmaine/Benny/Michelle Yip relationships on "Super Trio Show", Charmaine said she doesn't mind at all. "He (Chin ga lok) likes to joke around a lot, this is not the first time, I really don't mind."

In July, the crew will start filming scenes in China, and Charmaine will have to be separated from Benny for 3 months. Will it affect their relationship? Charmaine avoided the question and said "Work is my main concern right now, I don't think about anything else. (Then no one will buy you swallow nest to eat?) I can do it myself." Charmaine also said her main worries are the hot temperature and the wind and sand in China."When we film in the studio, we use wood powder and baby powder to make fake sand and they made my eyes all red, now I have to deal with real sand and wind, I really have to bring along more eye drops."

credits to shehster, translation by Muka.


Funn Lim said...

Soooo,it's official isn't it? What we have always knew but always denied. She is seeing Benny Chan.Why so secretive? I think the habit of die hard fans killing themselves over such news or that famous stars who actually do have a life outside of their career suffering popularity slump due to the exposure is longgggg gone.

And may I add, whilst I like Benny Chan, I dislike the way he is using Charmaine for his own publicity. From the news, he seems very at ease in dropping her name as and when he likes whilst she is more careful.

sehseh said...

NOW you only notice that he always uses her to promote himself?
One of the main reason I dislike him is because of his 'name dropping' habit. And he was supposed to be more popular than Charmaine so I couldn't really see the reasoning behind this.

Sigh~ I don't know it's true or false rumours, but as long as Charmaine's happy, I think most fans will be ok with it.

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