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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

DFOGS mag scan

Credits to Kitson and Anneheung11 from HKSF. Translation by shehster.

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Ah Sheh while filming DFOGS previously injured her mouth and hands. One of TVB's management staff (Wo Suo Ma Li - no idea who this is) is worried and visited Ah Sheh during filming.

Charmaine thanks those who have shown concern and said her injury was very painful. Luckily the docs prescribed her some anti-inflammation pills which made her feel better.

Wo Suo Ma Li is afraid that history will repeat itself and mentioned that the scene where Charmaine has to carry the kid will be filmed by a double instead. Even though this will lighten Charmaine sufferings, this will not change the initial plot for her to carry Moses Chan. Asked if she will start lifting weights for that scene, Charmaine smiled and said she no, she will just try her best.

When Wo Suo Ma Li heard this, she was very touched by Charmaine's professional attitude towards acting.

In the pics, Charmaine's injury can be clearly seen.

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