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Monday, June 06, 2005

Charmaine - Terimee diary

Note: Please do not re-post this at other forum as the post below contained some of my personal thoughts and concerning other friends as well. You may provide the link but definitely NOT THE WHOLE CONTENT. I know, there's no privacy since I post them online but at least the people who really want to know can come to read it here, not for those 'passerby' at the other forums. Because once your started it in a thread, it will spread like wildfire despite you have asked kindly for others not to do so. That's why I'm extremely grateful the readers didn't re-post the DFOGS spoilers at tvseriesensation forum just like that as some people doesn't appreciate spoilers nor understand that spoilers needed to be put warning first. Please kindly respect my wishes.

4th June, 2005 Saturday

Went to Times Square to do some shopping as there is sales everywhere. Charmaine is supposed to be at Seremban, NS therefore she won't be making a special appearance like last year. Took a picture of the stage and the huge posters hung around the concourse area. My sister told me they also hung a HUGE banner with Charmaine's picture on it above the grand entrance of the mall. *Click*

I also bought a slimming voucher from Terimee which I have yet to decide when to book an appointment to use it. Along with the voucher I received a special paper bag and the newest Terimee booklet.

On a side note, shopping was like a piranha feeding frenzy. Debenhams was having special sales for branded leather handbags up to 80%, so the situation was pretty short of a catfight. I gave up after 5 minutes of grabbing, searching and unearthing those huge mountains of bags. I told my sister to look for me at nearby stores after she finishes her 'bag shopping'. She end up purchasing two bags worth RM300 for a mere forty plus bucks. What a bargain, eh? But not worth being stomped on my brand new shoes! I end up finding my bargain at Yves Rocher and bought items worth RM120 plus for around 40 bucks.

5th June, 2005 Sunday

Arrived at Times Square with Teng around 1.15pm. People already start gathering around the concourse area so we pick a strategic camera spot and sat down. Charmaine was very punctual, arriving just before 3 p.m. She was wearing a light green top with jeans (the same top for DFOGS praying ceremony) and also brought a green knitted shawl (the trendy type of shawl top) along. Her face was not swollen but she had a bandage on her left hand. She looked really pretty but a bit tired.

The MC and Charmaine chatted and play some games with the audiences to get the atmosphere moving. Fans who are able to answer her questions came come up on the stage and take pictures with her. Among the questions asked are her birth date, waist measurement, TVB series, haircuts etc. The GM of Terimee, Daphne Teo also jested and asked Charmaine whether she has a boyfriend. Charmaine said "Boyfriend? Yes, I have a lot of boy-friend (male friends). No, so far I don't have a real boyfriend."

A fan mentioned something regarding her hairstyle and Charmaine replied that she cut her hair for AOS and all of the cast were not allowed to dye their hair to show respect to HKGFS. I conclude that Charmaine has dyed her hair black since she has a reddish hue during Yummy Yummy filming. Daphne was extremely grateful that Charmaine decided to come despite being injured and even surprised Charmaine with a birthday cake and a expensive, shiny Tag Heuer watch. Everyone sang happy birthday and Charmaine blew her candles after making a wish.

Clip 1
Clip 2

Tina, Charmaine's manager help to take care of gifts from fans and helped her with her drinks. The Slimming Contest begun shortly and I must say even myself was highly impressed by the finalist result. Maybe I should sign up for a slimming program...

Cameras are clicking like crazy all the time and fans were screaming from everywhere. Charmaine nodded and smile but she have to decline autographing as she need to show respect to the contestants and judge the competition. Halfway through the contest she felt a bit chilly and put on her green shawl. For three hours, Charmaine can only suppress her hunger by eating sweets placed on the tray in front of her.

Some irritating fans were very disrespectful. I could understand their enthusiasm, but Charmaine need to do her job too. I recognized one guy, this thin, perpetual gum chewing fellow whom can't seem to take 'no' for an answer. The first time I saw him was during Charmaine first visit to Msia with Joe, Moses and Melissa. Not only he was chewing his gum loudly, he was standing behind me, shouting Charmaine's name on top of his lungs like every few seconds and worst - I can feel his ugly breath behind my neck. Makes me want to shove my elbow backwards real hard. This time, he was more subdued but he has new accomplices, another fellow who seem to sell artistes pictures. During waiting, I overheard him proudly saying "See, I knew she'll be appearing with a short hairdo!" Give me a break. Any one who read newspaper knew Charmaine cut her hair since January. Unless Charmaine discovered some magic-hair-growing-potion, of course she is sporting a short hairdo! And who gave him the right to barge into the space of reporters to take pictures of Charmaine? Read: Non-stop. Tina already advises him to step back but he just act as if he was a reporter. I don't blame Tina for being displeased. Just a moment ago he was begging Tina to be let in (the area below the stage was cordoned off) by pretending to know us and now? These people gave us real fans a bad name.

Sigh... even I don't dared to went next to Charmaine and take pictures of her while she was sitting. I was content sitting behind her and took some pictures when she look sideways :)

While counting the results, Charmaine played more games and give out vouchers to participant. I wonder who come up with the questions of mimic games, it was so idiotic and doesn't make sense at all. Zebra crossing river? Pregnant cow eating rice?! What?! Charmaine also entertained some fans asking for autographs but one particular female fans went a bit too excited and has to be escorted off. Wow, what a drama!

On a side note, the family members of a finalist (a pretty woman who doesn't look like in her late 40's, too bad she doesn't win) were sitting just next to us. Her eldest son resembles Hawick Lau = very cute looking guy. Who say there is no good looking guy around? Her family were very supportive and cheered on for her.

The MC, a popular VJ (sorry, I forgot her name) was very professional and did a good job. She know exactly when to crack a joke and when to be serious with some annoying fans. Not to mention she was very pretty herself.

The results finally comes in and prizes were presented to the three winners, starting from the 2nd runner up. It was a guy and after Charmaine presented him with a mock cheque and sash, the MJ said: "Sorry, we made a mistake, you didn't win RM3000 (for 2nd runner up). She grabbed the cheque back and said: "You won RM5000!" Everyone roared with laughter and cheered. The MC purposely played a joke on him, he was the 1st runner up! They then proceed to crown the winner and the real 2nd runner up.

After a photograph session, Charmaine went back to the hotel with Tina. She waves goodbye and smiled before leaving. It was around 6pm when the event ended.

The end.

*coming soon: pictures and clips*


sehseh said...

I guess we will see Charmaine again around November! :)

mindee said...

Enjoyed reading your post..Thanks for sharing ..What an awesome day :) Ahhh really hope I can make it this November *cross fingers*

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