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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Charmaine Sheh wish to get hitch. Benny Chan not her choice of suitor.

Translation for yesterday's news
Charmaine wanted to get married, but doesn't think Benny as a husband material.

The reporters keep pestering Charmaine whether Benny proposed to her at her birthday party. She was clearly annoyed but graciously smile and replied: "There is no such thing. Our relationship is far from taking that step." She then asked the reporters about their sources for such rumors.

Charmaine does not deny that their relationship (with Benny) has potential to grow. Rumors are they plan to marry next year but Charmaine hinted that Benny is not her choice for husband. "I will marry when I found a suitable person." Why do you wish to get married? "Because it's time!" Clearly Charmaine understand that she want to get married around this age.

This will be the 2nd year for Charmaine as Terimee spokesperson. She is very satisfied with her fees but declined to tell the press how much increase they gave her. (For your information, Charmaine received a 7 figure sum for her 1st year contract with Terimee). She explained that the actual sum is a trade secret.

This time Charmaine sports a short hairdo and she looked radiant, seem like the accident while filming DFOGS didn't affect her too much. Charmaine thanked all for their concern. She told the press that her wounds are healing and the swellings has already subside. She also point out that she cut her hair for AOS. Regarding her new image, Charmaine feels quite confident. She know that her size may be too thin for an average person, but she's a celebrity and has to go onscreen often therefore she has to be more slim.

What's her youthful secret? "Do facial masks, drink a lot of water, have enough rest, eat plenty of fruits and abstain from snacks. Do Charmaine ever cooks chicken soup? "No, I live alone, and I don't have time to do anything else since I'm busy with filming."

During the press conference, a small mishap happened. A reporter for an english daily doesn't know who Charmaine is and even asked the MC to give short introduction of Charmaine. Luckily the MC quickly cleared the embarrassment while Charmaine just smiled.

Charmaine was also the judge of Terimee 2005 Slimming Challenge. She was touched by fans overwhelming response and celebrated her bday with the audiences. She also took pictures with some fans.

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