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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Updates on Charmaine!

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Below is a brief summary of what she told her fans during her bday celebration:

She will go to Mainland China (desert areas) to shoot DFOGS outdoor scenes starting from mid july to september.
*DFOGS spoilers alert!* - highlight to read, do not repost without warning:
Charmaine character's nemesis are Ada Choi and Maggie Siu
She will be pregnant with Moses' baby but suffered miscarriage later

About her dramas (not released yet)

Raymond will be singing LWOLAP themesong

Charmaine has no idea when Yummy Yummy & LWOLAP will be aired. Yummy Yummy was supposed to be airing by now but TVB changed their mind.
Regarding "Yummy Yummy" subtheme, Charmaine and Tavia were invited to sing/harmonize the chorus part.
Charmaine knew her fans prefer her to be long-haired, so she will try grow them back but it will take some time.
Her favorite series up to date is AOM, it was extremely difficult but she had a lot of fun.
Charmaine prefer to film more comedic series. She was offered a role in a comedy drama after finishing DFOGS but she rejected the role as she wanted to take the holiday break.
She also mentioned that she would like to film series like the one Roger & Myolie did.
She advised her fans to enjoy their student life, as working life is very hectic and full of pressure.

Extra *some guests of Charmaine bday bash* (source: apple daily)
Benny Chan (rumor is that he is the one who organizes the bash for Charmaine)
Ekin Cheng
Annie Man
Sharon Chan
Evergreen Mak
Matt Yeung
Michael Miu & wife
Sherming Yiu

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