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Monday, May 02, 2005

Today's update

NOTE: The chinese article is from, but the translation is from me. Therefore, credit as "source: and translation: sehseh".

Dancing Flames of Golden Sands story sypnosis

(The plains where the cast will be filming - source from

林保怡 饰 阎万曦 Bowie Lam as Yim Man Hei
蔡少芬 饰 焦玉 Ada Choi as Jiu Yuk
佘诗曼 饰 家春分 Charmaine Sheh as Ka Chun Fen
黎姿 饰 计明凤 Gigi Lai as Gai Ming Fung
陈豪 饰 宋东昇 Moses Chan as Song Dong Shing


宋族为阎族驱赶疫疔,救人无数,当时阎族族长下令对宋族人生养死葬,但宋族后人不事生产,家道中落,宋东昇(陈豪饰)与阎家寡妇相恋,遭人揭破,其后的当家阎万曦 (林保怡饰)将二人 [点天灯] 处死,并驱出族外。惟昇大难不死,遂展开报仇计划,曦借为父奔丧之名重返阎族,昇巧遇当日悔婚的妻子家春分(佘诗曼饰),自此暗恋昇。

昇为报仇一事对宋族当家焦玉(蔡少芬饰)生矛盾,此时万曦 太太计明凤(黎姿饰)怀有骨肉,令万曦在阎家地位更稳,曦与玉日夕相对,互生情愫,但二人碍于身份及宗族问题而将感情长埋心中,但此事终被人识破,要受[点天灯] 处死,此事令昇及分感情破裂,再一次失去挚爱。

My translation:
Song clan helped Yim clan to drive away plague, saving a lot of people therefore Yim clan ancestor issued a decree of privilege for Song clan. Unfortunately the Song clan was not competent in their business, causing the family status to fall. Song Dong Shing (Moses) has a love affair with a widow from Yim clan causing Yim family head Yim Man Hei (Bowie) to punish them by [Sky Torching] and then kicked out from the village. Only Shing survived the punishment. Shing start plotting for revenge and returned to Yim clan on the pretext of attending his father’s funeral. He ran into his ex-fiancée Ka Chun Fen (Charmaine), who developed a crush on him ever since.

For revenge, Shing inadvertently clashes with Jiu Yuk (Ada) who is currently the chief of Song clan. At the same time, Hei’s wife Gai Ming Fung (Gigi) became pregnant and this strengthened Hei’s dominance in Yim clan. Time goes by as Yuk and Hei begin to develop feelings for each other. However, because of their status and the problems between their clan, they have no choice but to bury their feelings deep inside their heart. In the end, their relationship was exposed and thus sentenced to [Sky Torching]. This incident created a gap in Shing and Fen’s relationship, causing Shing to lose his beloved again.


Always on Standby news: Ekin rescues Bowie (source from mingpao)






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Brief translation:
Yesterday afternoon Ekin and Bowie filmed some scenes in water for AOS. The story is that Bowie accidentally fell out from the helicopter and Ekin jumped into the ocean to rescue him. Because Ekin lived nearby the filming location, he rode his bicycle to work today.

Also: K100 clip of Ekin & Charmaine dating (link only work tonight)

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