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Monday, May 30, 2005

Giormani event with Ron Ng

Charmaine celebrates her birthday at Giormani event
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Charmaine and Ron Ng were guests for the grand opening of a new Giormani shop, and they were both raised up in the air about 20 ft on a platform to sign autograph on the building's wall. Yesterday was also Charmaine's birthday, and the host prepared a birthday cake and red envelope for the birthday girl. She celebrated her birthday the night before at a karaoke until 4 am with friends including Ekin, Michael Mui and Michael's wife, and Benny. Even though reporters already know it is her 30th birthday, Charmaine joked that she will not reveal her age. "All I will say is I am still very young!" When asked if Benny gave her any presents, Charmaine avoided the question and said "I received a lot of gifts. I haven't had time to open them all yet." Charmaine's wish for her birthday is just to be happy and be healthy. She is not in a hurry to get married yet since she still hasn't found the one, but when she does, she wouldn't rule out retiring from work to be a good wife and have kids.


credits to czluver, shehster, cpark, and muka

p.s. This year's bday is the first time Charmaine doesn't have to work since entering entertainment biz.

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