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Monday, May 30, 2005

Charmaine injured again :(

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(sorry, I'm busy with work today, no time to do my own translation. I will re-edit when I'm free)

Translation by Muka:

She got hurt filming Yellow sand whatever the day right after her birthday!!!!

She was supposed to carry this kid on her back, but I guess her back is still a little bit hurt from the previous accident. The news say she fell during a scene running around with the kid on her back, as she is falling, she wanted to protect the kid so Charm used a backhand to hold the kid and took the fall on her own face!!! She screamed it hurt right away and they took her to the hospital for xrays.

Her jaw is a little swollen, her hands and her feet are scratched, and she chipped her teeth so she will need to see the dentist!! But the doctor says it is no big deal but she won't be working for at least a few days. Reporter asked her how she feels, but Charm just smiled and pointed to her face, meaning it just hurts and she can't talk.

credits to muka, shehster & ennis

My extra translation:
Tina, Charmaine manager and a TVB senior executive fetched Charmaine from the hospital around 3.30pm. Tina assured the reporters that Charmaine is ok, but for now she'll take leave from working until she feels better. In that particular scene where Charmaine carried the kid, the child actor was supposed to throw tantrums while riding on her back. As she has taken a lot of NGs for the scene, Charmaine began to grew exhausted and find it more difficult to balance a squirming kid on her back. Wanting to protect the child actor, she hurt her own arms and face instead.

When asked regarding her spinal pain, Charmaine said she wore a waist brace while filming a scene carrying Kenny Wong. As Moses is 20 pounds heavier than Kenny, she planned to wear two waist brace for filming. However, due to this incident, the director might consider cancelling the scene.

I hope Charmaine get well soon and this incident won't interfere with her visit to Msia this weekend.

more pics from appledaily:

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Anonymous said...

my god.. i forgot abt her visit to msia... sheesh, actually i rather she stay in hk and rest till she gets well... she's not in the condition to be travelling or doing anything now... poor charms

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