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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Charmaine as fair as snow

Mag scan thanks to Maggie (Pics may have potential spoilers)

caption 1: Charmaine skin is glowing as if she's filming a skin whitening product advertisement.
caption 2: Charmaine is very meticulous with her makeup and appearance
caption 3: Bowie doesn't mind getting tanned in the sun

The story:
Charmaine and Bowie are filming a scene at the cemetery plot for "Always on Standby". Despite the tight schedules of AOS filming and harsh sun, Charmaine still maintained a fair complexion. Charmaine said that she prefer to wear white/light color clothes as it can reflect the light and heat from the sun. Plus, she normally wear a thin, long sleeved jacket to protect her arms from getting dark. Charmaine also said that she applied some sunblock under her makeup beforehand and due to the hot weather, she has to constantly re-applies her make up. UV rays are harmful to the skin as it can cause skin cancer.

As for Bowie, he didn't mind getting dark as it's more masculine looking.

Comments: (May have potential spoilers, so highlight to read)
Whose grave they're visiting? Hmm... I have a bad feeling it MIGHT be Ekin because they both look so sad, especially Charmaine. Let's just hope it's not, I hate it when they kill they main character to milk the audiences tear/sympathy.

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