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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A tiring day

Today I went to Sentul to scout out the area before my interview tomorrow. Just doing some homework hehehe... Took two LRT ride and another feeder bus until I reached there. By then I'm already half roasted by the sun - anyway better than raining huh? After I'm done 'scouting' the area, I'm drained of energy - I almost dozed off a few times in front of this pc. Yawn ~ I better go home early and get some rest for the interview tomorrow.

Note: I guess I'll have to set more than 2 alarm clock tonight. I've learned my lesson.

Btw, here's a wallpaper I created out of leisure. You can download it for personal use. Will post more when I have the time (or mood) to make new wp.


Anonymous said...

I wish you lots of luck for ur interview SehSeh- thanks for the wall paper- very gd- i wish i can make wallpapers like that!! I was wondering if u cud help me- do you know how to rewrite the url address so that it is downloadble using the asf tool? Many thanks

sehseh said...

sorry, I don't know either how to rewrite the url addy :(

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