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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Starbiz clip - Chilam & Charmaine promotion event


Sypnosis: Lol... Chilam couldn't resist teasing Charmaine about her rumors with Matt. Anyway, he is very supportive of Charmaine and believed in her explanation. Charmaine also teases Chilam when he's going to get hitched. Hehe...

Found an old mag scan of them filming Point Of No Return from

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Chilam & Charmaine fooling around while practicing their dance. In the series they were supposed to dance waltz, but off camera here Chilam and Charmaine starts to dance rock n roll and he even swing her around. Like little kids :)

I finally d/l the trailer I want from, it's very funny. Here's some line from the trailer:
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(Music from In Mood for Love, Chilam walking pass Charmaine in the stairwell)

Chilam: Miss, your handbag look so unique

Charmaine: (raises an eyebrow) Really? If you don’t mind, then take a look …

(They shared a seductive glance; Charmaine passed her ‘handbag’ to Chilam, he opened it and golden ray come out – gold in Cantonese is a slang for sh*t)

Chilam: (shocked) What?! You look attractive but…

(Cut to scenes in PONR where they bickered endlessly)

Together: (point at each other) Fine, we're enemies from today onwards!

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Anonymous said...

Where did you find the clip?
I would like to watch that

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