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Monday, March 21, 2005

Poll results

The poll result for "Favorite Charmaine On-screen Partner":

Total Votes: 194

1. Chilam Cheung - 103 votes
2. Stephen Au - 40 votes
3. Steven Ma - 15 votes
4. Sunny Chan - 9 votes
5. Roger Kwok & Benny Chan - Tie 5 votes each
7. Gordon Lam - 2 votes
8. Others - 2 votes

I thought Steven Ma will be voted 2nd, but I guess also I'm pleasantly suprised with Stephen Au as the voters choice.


Anonymous said...

yay- chilam is no.1!! My fav charmaine partner as well!!

and also im the same person asking abt the asf thingy- its okay - thanks for ur help anyways!! i've found out how to kinda do it!! ^_^

rachael said...

yay stephen!

saw him on k100 last week... the new series with yuen biao should be good... pity it's only a small part...

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