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Friday, March 18, 2005

Me and reality TV

Despite the hot weather, I slept like a log after returning from my interview yesterday. I kind of regret not buying the air cooler. I'll never listen to my sis again.

Last night 8tv showed the season finale of Mr. Personality. (What, why are you watching such a shallow show?!) I know, it's so shallow, it bordered on getting the "Most Crappy Reality TV" award. The reason I kept watching was because of Will (Silver Mask) and there's nothing else on TV. Anyway, I'm pretty relieved that she picked Will - what a lucky (shallow & conceited) woman. Uhuh, I laughed at her reaction when she finally saw the faces of the guys she rejected. So much for saying "Looks doesn't matter for me". Guess she's silently thanking God after Will removed his mask.

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Will Dyck - #15 Silver Mask, 28 yrs old, Real Estate Investments & Millionaire

I've always like Will since episode 1. Initially because he is filthy rich and sophisticated. On the looks department, he wasn't handsome but at least he look cute, in a geeky way. And in terms of personality, let's just say that he rightly deserve to win the lady's heart. He's sincere and caring (I like him when he say "I never lied to Hayley" which was true) while the other finalist, Chris (green mask) creeps me out with his hocus pocus hypnosis scheme. Girls, if you happen to meet someone like him, RUN!!! He is very good looking though (hehe, Hayley must be muttering "DAMN!" under her breath when she finally see his face). Anyway, the consolation lies in her Will being a cutie pie AND millionaire (*gasps* Hayley). As the credit rolls, my sister asked "Wonder if they're still together now?"

Since I'm talking about reality TV, let's talk about America's Next Top Model season 3. Yes, Tyra is back with the bitchiest and loud mouthed batch of contestants this season. I love Amanda, she's the only reason I kept watching. And what irritates me most is the girl I hate most will win the prize. Hint: Snorty nose. Anyone out there who likes Amanda as well?

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Funn Lim said...

Hey thanks for the rundown. I missed the ending. It's not crappy, I find it interesting but has he got that personality? I thought the other guy was a bit of a show off. Anyway glad to know she has got good taste and that even with the mask, women can detect a MILLIONAIRE when they get near one!! Good choice. True, are they married yet??

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