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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I'm alive!!!

I received emails from friends asking where have I gone to; asking me to submit 'proof' of my existence in this world. Well, I'm still very alive, not very healthy but still, ALIVE.

Yes, I have my share of mucking about in my house and wasting my time away in front of the pc. I asked myself in front of the mirror today - What the hell am I doing? I do the same, mundane routine everyday: wake up, scouts the newspaper/internet for job vacancies, eat, watch TV and sleep. I need some excitement in my life.

Last night NTV7 re-runs Full Time Killer, a HK flick revolving around two professional hitman: O (Takashi Sorimachi) and Tok (Andy Lau). I finally saw the Malaysian version - Tok kills O and get arrested by the cops (Crime does not pay). "What? That was IT?!!!" However my consolatian was that I watched the HK version when it was released in 2001. The real ending:

Miss Chin (babe factor Kelly Lin) told (ex)Inspector Lee (Simon Yam) that Tok kills O during their 'duel' at the firework factory. She leaves and got up onto a car, and Inspector Lee (and us the audiences) were led to believe that Tok was inside the car waiting for Ms. Chin, now his lover. But Inspector Lee suspects her version of story may not be real and exited the cafe just before the car left. Instead of Tok, it was O waiting for her. Therefore the conclusion: The flamboyant Tok died, O wanted to retire from his profession, so Ms. Chin realized Tok's dream of becoming the No.1 hitman AND her own fantasy of running away with the brooding O by creating a fake story for Inspector Lee to write.

A rare scene of O smiling

I prefer this ending, as O (Sorimachi) is my favourite character not only in Full Time Killer, but Hong Kong cinema to date. Don't ask why but drool factor certainly played some part. Anyone that feels the same out there?

For review of this movie, go to:


sehseh said...

Ok, I'm lying. I knew why I like Takashi Sorimachi's "O" so much. Though he wasn't exactly 'handsome' in a conventional way, but he oozes charisma and sex appeal. The kind of man to die for (pun intended) :P

rachael said...

hehheh... gotta love singapore and malaysian censorship...

i think intelligence and charisma goes a long way - straight good looks are overrated.

i saw the movie a long time ago, but if i remember correctly, i was totally smitten by sorimachi by the end of the film :p

sehseh said...

haha...i know, Malaysian Censorboard is weird

Like threatening to ban a movie because it has the name Devil on it. they had to rename it to Homosapien

Hell right (sarcastic), Constantine got all the Satan and devils in it and Censorboard said nil. They must be sleeping on a job

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