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Monday, March 14, 2005

Charmaine sick with flu

Thanks to Muka from Charmaine Discussion Forum

The weather in Hong Kong is cooling down recently, and Charmaine has caught a cold because of that! Yesterday, a tired-looking Charmaine still had to film scenes for "Always on Standby". "I have already seen a doctor, but the cold is still there, maybe it is because I don't have time to rest! And I don't want to take any medicine because they might make me drowsy. If I become Garfield (fall asleep like a lazy cat) while working then that wouldn't be good!" But Charmaine also said working sick is not that bad, the worst is shooting outdoor scenes when it is raining.

Get well soon, Charmaine!

Extra News

Patrick Tam plan to invite Charmaine to film his new movie

During the interview, Patrick straightforwardly mentioned that he want to create a big break in his movie, television and singing career this year. I used to be more focused in filming TV series, but this year I will divide more time in music and self-directed movie. Patrick revealed that he will be releasing a mandarin album, targeting at the mainland audience, up till now he already completed 1/3 of the album. At the same time, he is preparing to film a modern movie, the story of some legendary people, and in terms of casts he hoped to invite Twins, Nicholas Tse, Sonija Kwok, Charmaine Sheh and Mainland actress Kwong Man Lai.

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