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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Charmaine Sheh wants a merry wedding

I have translated the article from MyWedding. Sorry if it's a bit crappy.

Charmaine Sheh wants a merry wedding

Like any other women, Charmaine hope to have a happy marriage; a loving husband and a bunch of children. Though living in modern times, being a celebrity whose personal lives constantly appear on the tabloid turn love into a liability, ultimately she has to suppress her feelings to protect herself. If she is truly getting married, she hopes it will be a merry and grand wedding.

100% beautiful bride

The journalist expects her to be a diva; but she was surprised to found out that Charmaine has a very professional attitude. The journalist thinks that every bride-to-be should take Charmaine’s good attitude as an example when taking bridal pictures.

At the time Charmaine greeted them (the journalist, makeup artist, photographer etc.) at her hotel room, she already put her make-up base on. This action was smart as normally the make up artist doesn’t carry much variety of base with them and it’s doesn’t necessarily matches her skin tone. To create a natural look, one must use a suitable base that matches their skin tones.

Charmaine has communicated with the make-up artist beforehand that she wanted a light makeup. Both were satisfied with the final results.

Setting a high standard in everything she does

In midst of styling her hairstyle, the image director noticed Charmaine left temple protrudes a bit, therefore the original style they planned will not be suitable for her. Hearing this, Charmaine suggested that they combed from the right sight instead. Her suggestion works and the team progress with the shooting.

Before starting shooting Charmaine will ask the photographer what ‘feel’ does he expect from her and then poses accordingly to meet his requirements. She also asked to photographer to focus more on the right side of her face. The team feels curious and starts to compare her left and right facial features. Turn out that her right side face was really more striking. Studies have long proved that human left and right facial features are not completely symmetrical. Therefore, one should study their best features at home and communicate with the photographer before taking your pictures.

After every shot Charmaine will request to have a look on the pictures she took (quality control hehe). At one time Charmaine suddenly lost her composure and screamed in horror: “Oh…No!” Charmaine good humouredly pretended to be ‘distressed’ when all the people focus their attention on her, curious of what happened. She widens her eyes and coyly said: “Why do I look like a pregnant lady?” Scrutinizing the pictures in her hand, everyone laughed and asked if this ‘bride’ is getting married because she is already pregnant. (Charmaine bridal gown in those pictures created a bulge in her tummy)

At one signal from the photographer, Charmaine became serious and poised, ready to pose for the camera. She slowly smiles and strike poses professionally. Every movement, every frame looks perfect and beautiful.

Between reality and dream: I want to be carried on a bridal sedan

Charmaine forgot how many times she wore a bridal gown. Nor does she bother on this matter. The only concern she has: “I asked some friend, will I lose excitement when I truly gets married?” The answer is: “No”. Earlier, Hong Kong tabloids published that Charmaine will be getting married next year; the groom being Benny Chan. Hearing this question from one reporter, Charmaine turned to her manager and coldly asked: “Heard of this news?”

The atmosphere turned tense under doubtful reactions from the reporters. Charmaine casually answered: “It’s been a long time since I really pay attention to the news. Only I knew the truth.”

The reporters try to confirm with Charmaine statement that her ideal age to get married is between 32-33 years old. Charmaine pouts and said: “Do you know? I originally planned to get married by 27 years old” She sighed and continued: “Now my dream was dashed!” (Charmaine was already 29 years old)

Charmaine said: “I really enjoy being single”.

Even though she was the only daughter (she has a younger brother), her mother never urges Charmaine to get married. On the contrary, her mom advised her to remain single and have some fun at the moment. In her mom’s opinion, women ultimately have to get married; to get a companion to spend their old days with.

It was circulated among the HK tabloids that Charmaine was an ‘open minded’ woman – but in reality her behavior is very sophisticated and chaste. In fact, Charmaine admits being a traditional minded woman – she supports the old saying that “a good woman takes care of her husband and children”. She doesn’t mind to be a housewife; be a good mother to her children. She plans to spend 80% of her time with her children and maybe act in TV series once in a while to ‘cure’ her acting addiction.

Giving birth to half dozen kids – the more the merrier

Charmaine’s dream is to have a half dozen of children – just like a mini soccer team. The reporters laughed at her and asked “In this time and day, who will want to have half dozen kids?” Charmaine wasn’t affected by his/her remark and indifferently asked: “Half dozen is too many?” The reporter struggled to find a more courteous word to describe Charmaine’s dream. Charmaine humorously said “You mean like a pig? Perhaps due to the fact that I came from a small family; and I love merry atmosphere, therefore I desires to start a big family of my own”. Charmaine straightforwardly added: “If I’m getting married, it’s most probably because of children”. However, Charmaine expressed that she doesn’t plan to be a single mother; because a child deserve to have a proper family.

To have children, Charmaine doesn’t mind losing her 22 inch waistline. She believed that with the help of Terimee (the slimming company), even though she can’t regained her tiny waistline, but slimming down to 24, 25 inch won’t be a problem for her. Haha, Charmaine is really a good spokesperson for a slimming company.

When asked about her dream wedding, Charmaine point out that she is not those dreamy types of people. “I hope to get married like those ancient traditions; to be carried on a bridal sedan and lighting firecrackers on arrival”. However, she added that it is impossible as HK government prohibited firecrackers. Maybe she was influenced after acting in so many costume dramas.

Charmaine added that she prefer her future husband and friends to organize her wedding ceremony, just like a small woman she is.

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