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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Charmaine dating her junior Matt Yeung?!

Found news that might be the biggest joke of the century. Really, I wasn't a bit offended when I found it - I feel amused instead. Geez, HK newspaper reporters must be running out of headlines. I don't mind Charmaine dating anyone younger/older, but this news is way too fake.

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from The Sun and Oriental Daily newspaper

According to the latest reports, Charmaine Sheh has been dating Yeung Ming (who is 6 years younger than Charmaine) for 2 months, and Yeung Ming was even spotted at Charmaine's home. Yesterday, Benny Chan commented on the rumor. "I am like brothers with Yeung Ming, and Charmaine is my best friend. I don't believe they are dating, their relationship is like big sister and little brother."

Yeung Ming admitted to going over to Charmaine's home for a party, but there were many other people too, and he also left early. "I have known Charmaine for a long time, we have always been good friends, because I am her youngest friend, she always call me 'little brother'and I call her 'big sister'. I have never stayed at Charmaine's home, but we have partied overnight outside before."

Yeung Ming's ex-girlfriend Sharon Chan also supported him and said, "I was shocked to hear this, but I absolutely don't believe it, I have known Charmaine for so long, I know Yeung Ming is like a little brother to him and they hang out a lot, but it is normal for good friends to party at each other's home."

translation by Muka

new k-100 clip of AOS

AOS character english name update: (I re-watched the k-100 clip)
Bowie= Benjamin Yip
Ekin=Matthews Ko
Charmaine= Carrie Hong
Shirley= Nikki Zhou
Linda= Sandra Sze

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