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Monday, March 21, 2005


After nearly 2 hours of travelling and getting lost a few times during the dark and bumpy journey, we finally arrived at Kampung Kuantan Fireflies Park. Though hot and humid, we excitedly made our way to the dock and get on the small sampan awaiting us. But first, we have to wear those smelly and sweaty life jacket - we have to hold our breath wearing those jackets (how I wish I had Febreeze with me). A short while after the sampan rowed into the darkness (haha...feel like the Malaysian version of Venice tour), we got excited by the first glimpse of fireflies. The blinking reminded us of Christmas tree. Further down we get to see more of them, but our spirits were dampened as it was too bright that night! 月亮的錯! The moonlight was very bright, we should have checked the lunar calender firsthand. Oh well, one of my friends Shirley just decided to enjoy the serenity for all it's worth. I agreed with that. Our sampan floats slowly on the river accompanied by the moonlight and sounds of crickets. Later we took some pics at the dock for some 'memories' hehe... too bad we were unable to take pics of the fireflies as the moonlight was too bright.

Next on our itinerary was none other than eating seafood. Kuala Selangor was famous for its cheap seafood. For a relatively cheap cost, we treat ourselves with seafood steamboat. It was great fun, and Shirley introduced us to some of her friends from hometown. Haha, I thought the Tom Yam wasn't spicy enough, but *somebody* nose started to run after the second helping :P

When I arrived back at home, it was already 1.30am. I definitely will want to go Kuala Selangor again, just make sure I'll check the lunar calender next time!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! You know what? That *somebody* sounds kind of familiar. Like we've met before....

Will be looking forward to our next outing whenever it will be.

To the zoo anyone? ;p


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