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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Always on Standby opening ceremony

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The crew for TVB's "Always on Standby" visited the official home of the flying services team yesterday for the drama's opening ceremony. The team arranged 3 expensive helicoptors in the background for promotion. The producers and management of TVB are hoping this drama to break the 40 points rating barrier.

All the stars from the drama were present yesterday, and the most popular was none other than Charmaine Sheh. A lot of pilots and crew members were scrambling to take pictures with her. Charmaine has recently cut her hair short for this drama, but because she has had her long hair for many years, she misses it a little bit, but the new look is fresh and easier to take care of.

Since only the first 15 episodes of scripts have been made, Charmaine said, "I don't know who I will be paired up with in the end yet, but so far I will have a relationship with Ekin, he is such a big kid, always asking people to play video games with him!" However, Charmaine doesn't bring a computer with her during filming.

During the ceremony, Charmaine saw many real flying service team members and thought the all looked very handsome in their uniforms. "My little brother will be graduating from college next year and he is 5'11, I should tell him to join the service team." Charmaine also said she feels pressure will drive people to improve, and she believes this drama will achieve good ratings because the actors and actresses involved are very into their roles.


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