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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sales Presentation 2014: [The Apostle]

Credit to HK Channel

Credit to Lady嘉KA weibo
Synopsis: CIB Chief Superintendent of Police Michael Miu's brother died under mysterious circumstances. While investigating the case, Michael found out that his brother handled 5 undercover agent, whom currently went missing. The undercover agents hold a lot of important secrets and planted in various industries, and could potentially be a ticking time bombs for both police force and the society.

Michael decided to trace this group of undercover agents and after a difficult investigation, managed to get in contact with one of them - a materialistic and cunning spa owner Charmaine. Charmaine agrees to go undercover in triad society to help him trace the remaining missing agents. In the triads, Charmaine get to know a hotheaded, ruthless, gambling addict and office-bearers (雙花紅棍) Raymond. In order to get information, Charmaine tried many ways to get close to Raymond. They developed a relationship based on lies and ambiguity... when Charmaine investigation bring her one step closer to the truth, Michael suddenly obstructs her. Raymond's identity is also a mystery, hiding an enormous secret behind all of this. Everyone have their own agenda, those that fought to uphold justice, are those true justice?

The above is rough translation from the picture, I apologize if there's any mistake. Anyway, excited because Charmaine's role will be an undercover agent! If reposted, please give proper credits.

Screencaps, clips, materials related to [The Apostle] sales presentation clip will be posted here.

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