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Friday, November 15, 2013

Charmaine Sheh leads group to win HKD200,000

[ 15/11/2013]

Charmaine Sheh, Michael Tse, Louis Yuen and a group of friends held a gathering lunch at horse racing course earlier, and one of their friends who is a race horse owner generously placed bet for this group of artistes, and in the end winning over HKD200,000 of prize money. Everyone was joyous as they didn't spent anything on the bet but still receive prize money. It was revealed that Charmaine have a lucky streak when it comes to betting as she won over HKD100,000 in lottery before. In between she won a few thousands too. She cannot describe her joy from the sudden fortune.

Recently, a lot of artistes became race horse owner including Aaron Kwok and Chilam Cheung. Not only their horses are performing well in races, they also won plenty of prize money. However, not all artistes are knowledgeable in horses. The day before, Charmaine Sheh, Michael Tse and wife, Louis Yuen, Timmy Hung, Janet Chow, Sherming Yiu, Annie Man etc went to horse racing course to support their good friend outside the entertainment industry, who owns the race horse [领航精神].

Because they knew nothing about horse betting, their only intention was to support their friend. Unexpectedly, the horse owner friend used his own money to place bet for his artistes friends. They keep cheering for the horse and jockey during the race and after winning the 6th race, Charmaine shouted excitedly. In the end, they won over HKD200,000 of prize money. Everyone was overjoyed for receiving over HKD10,000 each.

In the phone interview, Charmaine couldn't hide her happiness. She laughed that she's so excited when the horse reached the finishing line and she couldn't help but shouted when she found out they won. She still have no idea how to spend the prize money. Charmaine revealed she have a lucky streak in unexpected fortune. "Sometimes I will buy lottery, I do have some luck. A long time ago I won more than HKD100,000 and in between I will also win a thousand or so. (Horse betting?) Of course I don't know how to! I have to depend on friend's tips."

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p.s. Charmaine indeed have luck when it comes to windfall money. There's a joke among fans that since she won 3rd, 2nd lucky draw prize in previous TVB anniversary gala, this year she might win the grand prize. LOL!

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