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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Charmaine Sheh paints out love sparks?

According to tabloid [Good News], Charmaine is rumored to be dating a muralist (they call him 6ft Jay Chou). Since I usually doesn't translate tabloids, I'd just provide a summary:

  • He is Charmaine's painting teacher. Charmaine supposedly learned painting from him earlier this year (eg the Mother's Day painting)
  • When asked whether he's her boyfriend, Charmaine said no.
  • The tabloid claimed that they went on overseas trip together after their Rado event (it was actually Charmaine departing for Eric Tsang's bday trip, and her companion at airport was short haired and slim. Mr Muralist have long hair and quite buff though).
Anyway, from Charmaine's response she seems happy and perhaps they are dating. Anyway I believe Charmaine will announce publicly if she reaches that stage in a relationship.


Funn Lim said...

Can't see his face, so can't comment in looks. If he is 6 footer jay chou, I mean jay is talented but handsome isn't one of his god given talent. And the poor man looks miserable. Can he handle the pressure?

sehseh said...

Dating or not, I think he's pretty cool. Charmaine seems to be dating someone at the moment, but it might not be him.

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