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Friday, February 08, 2013

Charmaine Sheh rumored to sign with Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) for HKD50 million

[The Sun 08/02/13]
There are rumors that plenty of production companies are currently approaching Charmaine Sheh. To express their desire to sign Charmaine, Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) was rumored to offer HKD50 million to her. Yesterday, both parties admitted that they are at the early stages of negotiation.

Currently, Charmaine is taking a long break from work and she will be focusing on new projects later. Reportedly, EEG is looking for an actress to concentrated in filming movies and television series. Coincidentally, Charmaine’s long time, ex-manager from TVB has just joined EEG and hence created the opportunity for EEG to invite Charmaine to join them. It was said that EEG is offering HKD50 million for two films per year contract, making her EEG ‘1st Sister’.
The addition of Charmaine will strengthen the already impressive actors group of EEG  which include Simon Yam & Kara Hui.
Money is not the most important factor
Yesterday, the reporter contacted both EEG and Charmaine for clarification and both parties admitted that they have been in contact. EEG artiste management spokesperson expressed that they are interested in inviting Charmaine to join. When asked if it’s true that they offered HKD50 million, the spokesperson expressed that they have not discussed on the terms and conditions yet. As for Charmaine, she expressed: “What? HKD50 million? Too exaggerated! However, I am happy to hear about it as my contract is expiring soon and there are many companies approaching me, and indeed we (with EEG) had a discussion.” Will she sign with the highest bidder? Charmaine laughed: “Money is not the most important factor. I do not wish to sign a long term contract, therefore need to consider in terms of freedom level and contract period.”
If Charmaine joins EEG, she will be family with their singers such as Joey Yung
Love with courage
Meanwhile, many people are also interested in Charmaine’s love life. In an earlier interview, Charmaine expressed that she has given up love for career since 10 years ago. If she encounters her true love today, she will go ahead and fall in love with courage. Asked whether she wants to marry the wealthy, she said: “I have not thought of it, I only want to marry someone I love!”
Do not repost.
Sehseh: Charmaine's management contract with MediaQuiz will be ending early 2013, and so does her per-series contract with TVB. Charmaine has indicate that she will film the remaining 1 series with TVB within this year. 

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thái phương trần said...

i hope charmaine will accept the contract and that will motivate her career, anyway i will always support her

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