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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Interview with [When Heaven Burns]: Joyful time

[Apple Daily 10/02/13]

Harmony is not 100 people saying the same thing; harmony is 100 hundred people saying different things but still respect each other. Today, on the 1st day of Lunar New Year, 100 people will say the word “Gong Hey Fatt Choy” with the same mood. Charmaine Sheh definitely have fortune in the year of Snake (phonetic sound like Sheh). Apple Daily invited Charmaine and her three bandmates in [When Heaven Burns] Bowie Lam, Moses Chan and Kenny Wong to welcome and celebrate the Year of the Snake with band sound, hoping for fruitful and happy year ahead.

Dubbed as ‘Divine Series’, after [WHB] won Best Series award at TVB anniversary awards in Dec last year, the ending themesong [Ignorance of Youth] also swept several major music awards last month. Its popularity is unrivalled and received good response during its recent midnight reruns. 

Today is the 1st day of Lunar New Year of the Snake, the Apple Daly invited [WHB] main cast Bowie, Moses, Kenny and Charmaine to greet ‘Sheh’ year with songs. Snake year also sounds like Sheh year; clearly it would be Charmaine’s world. No wonder during shooting, Bowie immediately jest after seeing Charmaine: “Charmaine must be very happy in the Year of Snake. Everyone let’s stick to her for good luck, so we can earn more money this year.”

After hearing the reference about snake year being her world, Charmaine was pleased: “Then I will bless every one of you to get rich! I also hope I can bring good luck to all.” Is her New Year wish finding Mr. Right soon? Charmaine laughed: “Thank you very much! I hope to find Mr. Right. In terms of career, I hope I can continue to do what I like.”

Bowie, Moses and Kenny kept earning more money this year. The trio will attend a Lunar New Year countdown event with Charmaine at Citywalk mall on New Year eve and they will also hold show to sign [Ignorance of Youth] again. Mentioning filming fees, Bowie laughed: “I don’t know about Moses and Kenny, but I’m a positive person. Artistes fees are like seafood price. Of course I won’t say I earn HKD10,000 per episode, at least say that I earn HKD500,000 per episode. Could it be that he is taking a jab at Kevin Cheng and Raymond Lam, who claimed to earn HKD500,000 per episode in Mainland China?

Bowie, who has already left TVB revealed that he will be filming one Mainland series and 3 movies this year. Asked if Ricky Wong invited him to film series, Charmaine who stood nearby jumped in and joked: “Look for me! Declined it! HKD1 million per episode?!” Bowie frankly said that the script and salary is the deciding factor of whether he will be filming series in Hong Kong. Asked if there is a possibility of him returning to TVB to film series, he asked back: “Why there won’t be any possibility? Earlier someone invited Deanie Yip to film TVB series and she mentioned me. I was so happy. If she agrees to film, it means that there script has certain qualities. If she does, of course I’m interested.”

Recently, a lot of siusang and fadans went to Mainland China to earn money and Bowie took the opportunity to encourage Moses to improve his Mandarin skills to explore the Mainland market. However, Moses declined his advice and said no need. Bowie derisively said: “You plan to work in TVB for life?” Though Moses agree with what Bowie said and that he won’t be working in TVB for life, he revealed that he has worked in Mainland China prior to joining TVB. “But of course we cannot compare the current with the past. Anyway I’ll go with the flow, doesn’t matter.” With regards of criticism on his Mandarin speaking skills, Moses laughed: “On par with Louis Koo.” Charmaine couldn’t help but laughed: “Just let him be. He is confident about himself. He’ll forget about this talk. Actually he doesn’t need to work in Mainland China, he already has so many ads.” It’s true that Moses has endless offering of advertisement jobs. Asked if he plan to marry his girlfriend Aimee Chan this year, Moses plays dumb: “We just dated for a year plus! I’ll let you know if there is any good news.”

Though Kenny has the opportunity to earn event money with Bowie and Moses (performing the song Youthful Ignorance), he expressed that money is secondary to him. He is happiest being able to reunite with buddies. “It’s very hard to match the schedules of the three of us. Their (Bowie & Moses) appearance fees are expensive, while I’m not. But it’s happy and exciting that the three of us being able to gather together again.” Any plans to marry your girlfriend in the year of Snake? Kenny smiled bitterly: “Let me work harder. You’ve seen how much I earn per year. I must work harder.” The Apple Daily wish Kenny to earn a lot in the year of snake, so he can get married with his girlfriend soon.

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