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Thursday, November 08, 2012

[When Heaven Burns] avoids being eliminated, Charmaine Sheh to battle Kate Tsui for TV Queen

[Apple Daily, 08/11/2012]

Though Charmaine Sheh is nominated for Best Actress for her role in [When Heaven Burns], but it doesn’t make any difference since she has already moved on to Mainland China market! Last year, the series produced by Jonathan Chik and written by Chow Yuk Ming [When Heaven Burns] garnered critical acclaim and was branded the ‘God of Series’. In the new format of audience voting, they have advantage in the Best Actor, Actress & Series award category. Unfortunately Bowie Lam and Charmaine are no longer TVB biological children, severely decreasing their chances of winning.

Recently, Jonathan and Chow have resigned from TVB. There were rumors that [WHB] will be eliminated from the top 10 nomination. According to sources they were nominated in 3 categories, adding more excitement to the TV King & Queen battle. Last year, [WHB] were given cold treatment by TVB, purposely being slotted after TVB anniversary. Luckily, it garnered critical acclaim and immense feedback, being labeled as ‘God of Series’ by netizens. Coincidentally this year TV King, Queen and Best Series format has been changed to audience voting. Both Charmaine & Bowie become popular candidate for TV King & Queen due to their excellent portrayal in the series. But because of the news that Jonathan and Chow will be leaving TVB, they might not make it to the top 10 nomination.

Left: Jonathan Chik  Right: Chow Yuk Ming

The person in charge of the TVB anniversary award, Sandy Yu (TVB Director of Production) denied the rumors yesterday, adding that the series is definitely being nominated.  “It (WHB) has already being nominated, definitely will not be eliminated. We are very fair; every actor/actress will get one nomination to avoid diluting their votes.” With regards to the nomination list, we (TVB) will be selecting internally which Top 10 Best Actor, Best Actress and 24 Series for the audiences to vote. The list will be officially announced after the anniversary gala on 19th Nov.

Since the TV King, Queen and Best Series are now determined by audiences vote, it will be a battle between audiences who admires the actor acting abilities versus fans who supports their idol. Recently, idols like Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui became hot candidates for TV King & Queen for their series [Highs and Lows]. This is truly a competitive environment for TVB to maneuver.

When asked about leaving TVB, Producer Jonathan Chik expressed that he have yet to make up his mind and still in midst of deciding. Since he is still contracted to TVB, it’s not comfortable for him to reveal more. About the rumors of his departure causing [WHB] to lose nominations, he said: “Everyone knows how the company picks out the nominations. The netizens can do whatever they like. I don’t whether I will affect or not. I only know how to produce series so I don’t know how to answer this. Plus I don’t make series with intention of winning awards.” Does he feel unfair if Charmaine and Bowie are not nominated because of him? “They have already performed their best, the audiences can feel it. What happens next doesn't concern us anymore.”

Do not repost.

It's pretty much confirmed that Chow Yuk Ming has left TVB and from his indication, 771 (Jonathan nickname) will be leaving soon. Chow said TVB promised him that he could continue writing the genre/direction of series like [WHB], [Master of Play], but Chow is disappointed with HK audience rating. 

Anyway, TVB most probably will nominate Charmaine (and hopefully Bowie) but chances of them actually winning TV King and Queen is very low. However, that doesn't mean us fans should give up. Please vote for Charmaine & [When Heaven Burns], because it shows our support and acknowledging the cast and crew effort in making such a stellar series. 

p.s. Malaysian fans, please remember to vote for Charmaine & [WHB] at AOD Awards 2012 if you have Astro account.

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