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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Charmaine Sheh supports newcomer Jenny Lau, criticized the director as low quality person

[Oriental Daily 11/09/2012] 

Newcomer Jenny Lau was suspected of being physically abused by director Cheung Wing Ho during filming series. The issue has become a hot topic after its exposure to the public. Charmaine who was rumored to be once scolded with profanities by this director feel indignant and criticized him as being low quality person.

According to sources, during the early years Charmaine was once scolded with profanities by Director Cheung. Yesterday, Charmaine replied reporter SMS and showed support to Jenny. “I do not wish to comment about low quality people. However I feel that the young lady should not feel afraid, nor should she give upon her dreams. There’s still a lot of good directors around!” 

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