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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Patrick Kong new book revealed that Charmaine Sheh ex-boyfriend once attempted suicide

[Mingpao 19/7/2012]

Director Patrick Kong recently published a book titled 《一个钟•情》 (One Hour. Romance) which features interview of 10 female friends, including Charmaine Sheh, Annie Liu, Chrissie Chau, Joyce Cheng, Stephy Tang, Vincci Cheuk, Christie Wu and Kitty Yuen etc. Yesterday Joyce Cheng and Annie Liu attended his autograph session at Wanchai Book Expo to show their support. 

In the book, Charmaine Sheh revealed that after she joined the entertainment business, there was once where her boyfriend attempted suicide because she wanted to break up. She refused to reveal who he was, but indicate that he did not die. The incident was hushed up, therefore it was not detected by the media. Charmaine didn't know why he wanted to commit suicide, but she did not feel guilty and the other party did commit a mistake enough for her to break up. 

She also revealed that when she film her first series, a Production Assistant once scolded her with curse/expletives because she arrives 18 minutes late. This caused a scene among bystanders. She remember that the PA insulted her because she didn't bring her script, and threw a copy at her while accusing that she is not responsible. She said that this incident even drew the attention of Stephen Chan (who is still TVB management level back then). She did not want the PA to lose his job, therefore she didn't escalate the issue. 

Do not repost.

Sehseh: The suicidal ex-boyfriend is something new. We should be glad that he didn't die and Charmaine certainly made a right decision in breaking up with him. One shouldn't take life lightly, and it's certainly immature to die over a broken relationship.

Regarding the PA story, Charmaine has mentioned about this in [Be My Guest] interview with Stephen Chan in 2006. She was filming her first series [Time Off] and on that day, her original schedule was supposed to be 10am. However, the PA made a mistake and only called her around 8:30 am, requesting her to be at filming site by 9am. Charmaine rushed to the filming site and the PA started scolding her using expletives the moment she got of the taxi because she was 18 mins late. She didn't bring her script because her scene only required one line, which was "Thank you Mummy". The PA took out his anger and threw a script at her, but missed. Charmaine didn't show her unhappiness and only cried on her way home. The incident was seen by many people, who in turn complained to TVB management because they feel injustice that the PA mistreated a Miss Hong Kong (Charmaine has just won 2nd runner up in Miss Hong Kong pageant).

I look forward purchasing the novel and I will translate the whole interview once I got my hands on them.

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