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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Be My Guest: Charmaine Sheh

Updated June 11, 2008: Replaced with HD Youtube clips. A special thanks to Funn for bringing up BMG topic in her site, hence renewed my interest in the interview. As a token of small gift to fans, I plan to do english subtitles during the next two months. However, I will need HD quality of the interview or else the end version will suffer quality loss during re-encoding.

Download the whole episode via bittorrent (not HD quality) here.
This episode is wonderful as we get to know more about Charmaine, even some 'untold' secrets. Even Charmaine's elder brother have a brief mention (since Charmaine almost never mention about having an elder brother, many sites just quote her having a younger brother). Another surprise about her family is that her mother knew Nat Chan and Eric Tsang.

Since this is Stephen Chan's interview, I guess she'll have to divulge more on her past romances. Apart from admitting going out with Benny, she admitted dating dentist David Lee Nim Wai in her early TVB years (David Lee is ex-Yan Chai GM). Another thing that has us fans speculating (and some debating in forums) that Charmaine indicate that there is one on-screen partner that she have mutual feelings with. Though she refused to point out who is the actor, she mentioned during the mid period, which should be around 2000 - 2003. Who do you think it could be? Many fans are pointing at Chilam and Sunny, but my guess is Roger Kwok. I came to this conclusion because 1. Charmaine won't say who, most probably that person is now already married and 2. Roger Kwok admitted in an interview that one of the reason he decided to hitch earlier is because of the rumor of him and Charmaine during filming [Glittering Days] - he seems a little anxious abt this issue?

Chilam is impossible as he is already in a high profile relationship with Anita Yuen when they met. So does Sunny when they filmed FFOSM and DIF4. Lol... who knows, it could be someone unsuspecting like Sammul Chan! Just kidding... It's just my speculation, I could be wrong so please do let me know who you think it could be... (Benny is not in the list as he was discussed in the interview later)

I guess I better go home and review the credits in WAB and DOP, just to check who is the PA (now promoted to director) who threw the scripts at Charmaine. Kekekeke...

Download the interview clip here.
Credit to Fongie4.

Magazine scans of the interview summary:

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Anonymous said...

Could it be Kevin Cheng that Charmaine has mutual feelings with?
1) They acted together in Life Begins at 40(2002) and Point of no return(2003) and yummy yummy(2005)..
2) not so long ago i saw a video in youtube asking who does charmaine like in yummy yummy...and she said she find the person "yummy" in yummy yummy is Kevin Cheng because their age gap is not too far away..
anyway, that's just my opinion =)

p/s: it could be steven ma too coz they have acted in a few series together too..


endlessjoy said...

I am guessing either Steven Ma or Roger Kwok, but I think Roger Kwok has a higher chance. Roger Kwok from Herbalist Affair and Steven from PITNOL. Charmaine did say that she likes guys who are happy and joyful. Roger and Steven both seems very joyful and happy in reality.

I think Roger has a higher chance because his character in HB is also very cheerful and funny. And when I watched HB, I can just feel the love between them (this is bery subjective, though). The last thing is the same as sehseh's reasoning, it's that she doesn't want to say it might be 'cause he's married already.

endlessjoy said...

Sorry, I said "HB" when I meant "HA = Herbalist Affair" and it's "very" that I meant, not "bery." (ooops!) :D

sehseh said...

It's not Steven Ma... he obviously has his eyes on Sonija Kwok, even getting into highly publisized argument with Sonija because he claimed that they dated.

And Sonija is Charmaine's best friend.

Helen said...

I think it is either Chilam and Roger.
1)Both of them esp Chilam seems to be a joyful and playful person, which charm likes.
2)Also, she mentioned they both have feelings for each other, but why wouldn't they develop a relationship? My guess is that this person must already has a girlfriend. Both Chilam and Roger have a steady girlfriend. For this reason, I have ruled out Kevin.

I think it is not Sunny because they only worked together in the early stage, not the middle stage.

I agree that it is not Steven because he has his eyes on Ada and Sonjia.

Although Roger has openly supported Charm and praised her acting etc., I still think Chilam has higher chance because:

1)When I watch Return of the cuckoo and PONR and the 2 moveis they did together, I was totally impressed by the chemistry between them. I mean it is sooooo natural and feels so real. Ok, I can be a little biased, but when I look at some of the photos they took at other functions, they always joke and make fun of each other publicly. To me, that shows that these two people are definitely interested in each other. It was also rumoured that Chilam married Anita in around 2001, I think it is because of that too.

2. From the way she answered Steven Chan's question, I think it is even more suspicious. She just denied it firmly and quickly, whereas when asked about others she would laugh and joke. This shows that she is quite nervous and sensitive about the name Chilam and she is in the defense mode to protect her secret. I have been asked such questions before and my reaction was exactly the same. The one I said no the quickest is the that I actually like.

sehseh said...

You could be right Helen.

When Stephen mentioned Chilam, her expression was a little shocked (a split second) and said no. Whilst others she denied confidently. If I'm not mistaken, Chilam and Anita went through a rough patch before ROTC and there is a possibility that there is something going on. It can be just my wishful thinking :p

Anyway, even it's true it would've ended in bad note since Charmaine will be seen as boyfried snatcher.

There are other co-stars during that period, which are Patrick Tam and Alex Fong. But really low possibility.

Funn Lim said...

I think it may have been chilam. Not roger who is more like a good friend. The biggest rumour was chilam and charm, and whilst they were doing the series they were doing together, she looked like she really liked him and then later in that Point of No return she seems to be avoiding his gaze, his touch, everything. A woman's intuition; I think she was in love with Chilam but Chilam was unfortunately taken. Definitely not roger kwok.

What about right now?

Funn Lim said...

By the way chilam being in high profile relationship with anita shouldn't rule him out. She seems to like guys like Chilam, soft, pretty looking, overall nice. Whether that love was reciprocated I do not know. I have a feeling Chilam liked her too but bowed down to the fact that he and anita shared many years together, so he can't leave her.

Definitely not steven ma or kevin cheng or even sunny chan. Roger also not.

bao said...

I think it's Chilam. They used to seem so close but nowadays they look like they're avoiding each other. Like at the awards i think it was? She probably found out he got married (Cause he secretly got married right?) And sorry sehseh, havent had the time to look for info on Oscar Chan.

Azn_Pearl said...

From Helen's deduction, I now strongly think it's ChiLam too...
I juz hope that it's not Lawrence Ng lolzz

Helen said...

Oh no worries about Lawrence Ng. She is Charm's "uncle" :P. She said she is so worried that she has to kiss him in "Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre".

DragonFly said...

How about that Lam guy from CS or the one from 7 sisters

Anonymous said...

I would think it might be Kevin Cheng or Chilam, both are good looking and around her age range.

Anonymous said...

Well, think of it this away, we got to applaud Charmaine and "the guy" for not acting on their feelings, right?

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