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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

《天與地》 When Heaven Burns trailer 5


Charmaine: Human are strange creatures. Those who used to be your best friends in the past, now has become familiar strangers.

Bowie: I won't be doing anything that doesn't benefit me anymore.
Moses: You conspired with them to fool me?!
Kenny: It was me, your friend who was fooled by you!
Charmaine: (We) have no rights to talk about the past, to think about the past!
Lau Dan: Be a good person again, please...
Kenny: If Ka Ming is still among us, what will become of us today?

The song playing in the background is Beyond's [Who will wander with me 誰伴我闖盪]:

只有淡忘 從前話說要如何
Fading memories The past doesn't matter anymore
其實你與作日的我 活到今天變化甚多
The truth is, you and I in the past, today has changed a lot

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