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Thursday, November 10, 2011

《天與地》 When Heaven Burns trailer 4


Young Kenny: In the future, I'll always have the support from you guys.
Ka Ming: You're right.
(Pursuing the same dream in the past)
Kenny: I've once said, we have to click before becoming a band. You seems to have forgotten this..
Bowie: Doctor said he lost his memories on the mountain! To Ronnie, the incident did not happened.
Moses: He didn't know that he's a beast! It's time to wake up!
Kenny: I remembered everything! In my mind, what happened 18 years ago has just begin!
(Turning into today nightmares)
Kenny: Hui Ka Ming is forever my heart. I can't deceive myself anymore.

The song playing in the background is Beyond's [No More Hesitation 不再猶豫]:

Who haven't doubted (hesitate) themselves before
It ain't easy to achieve your dreams

I have a story in my heart
Self composed with disappointment and sadness of broken dreams

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